Best waterproof headphones 2018: the best swim headphones to take with you in the pool

Best waterproof headphones: Finis Duo

Whether you take a dive or just watch out for the weather, finding the best waterproof headphones can even keep the audio underwater. At the very least, they can reduce the monotony of your swimming practices.

But while choosing headphones that you can make a run is a fairly simple process, wearing headphones is a bit more of a challenge. You might think you could just use a pair of waterproof Bluetooth wireless earbuds, but because Bluetooth does not work underwater, you have to take the source of your music into the pool.

This has led to the emergence of so-called "SwiMP3" players, who bundle a watertight player with waterproof headphones. You carry the whole device with you in the pool, but there are a few complications with this use.

First of all, these devices must comply with the IPX8 standard, which means that they can be submerged in water that is at least one meter deep (ideal 3 m when swimming in deeper pools).

Another thing to keep in mind is that chemicals in the water, especially chlorine, can affect the ability of the device to charge for a certain period of time. Usually the charging points can scale up like a kettle, especially if you do not clean them after every dive. This can limit the life of waterproof headphones.

Instead, you need to load music (MP3 or WMA files) from your computer onto the device's storage. To keep the physical size low, the capacity of SwiMP3 players is usually fairly small (2 GB or 4 GB); that should be enough to store hundreds of songs, more than enough for even the most dedicated swimming session.

The most important thing is that you also need a player that can be firmly fixed on your head, so that the power of the water does not break it when you swim. Generally, depending on the design, players attach to glasses or under a swimming cap (the Exeze WMR is the only one that requires a special headband).

Finally it is worth to see how comfortable you use these waterproof headphones before you go into the water, because they can be somewhat cumbersome to set up. Also keep in mind that while swimming you may have to stop your music to talk with other swimmers or the lifeguard.

Here we look at five very different players for the swimming enthusiast who is looking for entertainment while she trains.

Best waterproof headphones: Finis Duo

1. Finis Duo

Waterproof standard: IPX8 to 3 meters Battery: Rechargeable lithium ion Battery life: Up to 7 hours storage: 4 GB | Audio formats: MP3 and WMA