Best vacuum cleaners: 11 best vacuum cleaners, from wireless Dyson to Roomba robot

<pre><pre>Best vacuum cleaners: 11 best vacuum cleaners, from wireless Dyson to Roomba robot

If you want the best vacuum cleaner on the market, you should find one that breaks down dirt and dust, shines your floors and carpets, filters the air that pumps out and, most importantly, does not add extra stress to what's already a boring job.

It happens that some of the best vacuum cleaners like to do all the hard work for you and because there is so much choice nowadays, we are here to point you in the right direction.

We have tested all these machines in our own dusty accommodations to find the best vacuum cleaner of 2018, so you know that you get the best of the best recommendations.

With these vacuum cleaners it is easier than ever to absorb unwanted dust and dirt – and of course, the less time you spend on cleaning, means more time to enjoy your home with family and friends.

In the past few years, the best vacuum cleaners you can buy have become smarter, lighter, and easier to use, and with this list, finding the best vacuum cleaners 2018 would not be a chore. We can tell first hand that these vacuum cleaners suck, and we mean that as a good thing.

[Update: Two more Shark vacuum cleaners have been added to our list: the Shark ION Robot 750 and the Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean. Both vacuums offer incredible power and truly eye-catching designs. We wish the battery life on the DuoClean was longer and the bin in the ION Robot 750 bigger, but aside from these drawbacks, both are worthy considerations for adding to your cleaning collection.]

As you read through the list, you will find that many of the best vacuum cleaners of today have stumbled away the enormous cord that always stumbled, and instead have a wireless design.

As a sign of how outdated, coordinated vacuum cleaners have become, Dyson, one of the world's largest manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, has sworn to stop assembling vacuum cleaners together after releasing the wireless Cyclone V10 (which is on our list ).

Not only are vacuum cleaners much slimmer today than the monstrous vacuum cleaners of old, but some even have their own brain: choose a robot vacuum cleaner and you do not have to lift a finger. You can even switch them off when you are not at home.

Whether it is a lightweight cordless, a super powerful stand or "who needs people?", Super advanced robot cleaner you are looking for, these are the best vacuum cleaners TechRadar has used. Now no more excuses – it's time to clean house!

Dyson Cyclone V10 absolutely

Power supply: : Battery, battery Weight: 5.9 lbs / 2.6 kg Baking size: 0.75L | Duration:: Up to 60 minutes

Unrivaled design

Powerful extraction

Battery runs out quickly at the highest level


Dyson's latest wireless vacuum cleaner is so good that the company no longer produces new vacuum cleaners. That's how confident Dyson is that the Cyclone V10 and the devices that follow will meet all your cleaning needs.

Simply put, the Cyclone V10 is the best vacuum Dyson has ever made. Dyson redefined its cyclone technology to produce more suction power than ever; the new V10 digital engine is 20% more powerful than the previous V8, and we can ensure that it sucks a lot (we mean that as a compliment).

You will notice some crucial changes between the V10 and older V models. For example, the bar is now at the front and all attachments can be connected directly here. The design ensures greater suction efficiency, according to Dyson. The V10 is also smarter than ever and can even detect differences in altitude, air pressure and temperature and adjust for maximum performance.

Prices and models differ per region, but you pay for the boosted extraction of the Cyclone V10. And although the Cyclone V10 is more powerful than ever and has a more energy-efficient battery than previous models, it will put on the highest level to empty the battery in about five minutes. At the lowest setting, however, you get up to 60 minutes of use and that should be enough for your daily mess.

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Shark IF250UK

Power supply: : Battery, battery Weight: 4kg | Baking size: 0.33L | Suction power: 25.2AW

Easily portable

Powerful extraction

Different cleaning modes

Heavier than some competition

Do not you want Dyson? This one Shark IF250UK is a cheaper and reasonably decent alternative to some of the top Dyson products on this list. It is another wireless cleaner that can work 22 minutes in a row from a single charge – but the best thing is that there are two batteries in the box, so you can simply swap mid and get a total of 44 minutes.

We really like the design of the Shark IF250UK, although it is a bit on the heavy side. It comes with Shark's Flexology technology, which means you can bend the robot halfway, so you can reach those hard-to-reach places like under your couch without having to sit on your hands and knees.

It is not as lightweight as the Dyson mentioned above, but we still found it easy enough to wear and suitable for wear.

This thing is also powerful. If you own a pet, you can get a special edition version with built-in functions for cleaning pets, but in an animal-free house we found the Shark IF250UK easily cleaned when using the maximum suction mode.

For a lower price than the Dyson V10 the Shark IF250UK is a very good choice for your next vacuum cleaner: it is just as powerful as the competition and easy to use to boot.

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Dyson V8 absolute

Power supply: : Battery, battery Weight: 2.16 kg Baking size: 0.54L | Suction power: 22AW (115AW in MAX mode)


Portable and modular

Strong suction


The Dyson V8 Absolute, formerly the best battery vacuum experience that could buy money, is still a top class vacuum cleaner with battery power, even if the Cyclone V10 has dethroned it as the best. It is also an absolute joy to use.

First the design. With a detachable extender pole and equipped with six different heads for different surfaces and sockets, the V8 Absolute is lightweight and easy to run through the house. With the suction motor in the handle of the pistol grip, you can also easily clamp a head directly onto the main unit, changing the whole thing into a portable cleaner – perfect for going up the stairs or unloading the car.

A full charge gives you about 40 minutes of use, which is really impressive for a wireless cleaner – although the mileage will vary as soon as you start to use the motorized heads, or turn on the MAX mode of the V8 Absolute. However, you will rarely need it – for a handheld this cleaner will even compete with an upright device to suck up dirt. The big bin will also contain a lot of waste before it has to be emptied – another convenience that is not often seen in a wireless car.

But the best thing is that it is really fun to use. The sci-fi aesthetics makes it one of the few gadgets for "white goods" that you enjoy showing in the house, with the transforming design as convenient as it is smart. It is worth saving the money for.

Gtech AirRam MK2

Power supply: Battery (wireless) | Weight: 3.5 kg Battery live: 40 minutes