Best UI and UX Design Tips to Improve Your e-Commerce

What does UX stand for – UX Design – User experience or User Experience – are techniques that, as the name implies, work with the user experience, in order to make this experience satisfactory.

What does UI stand for – UI Design – User Interface or User Interface – are the professionals who deal with layouts, diagrams, buttons. They are responsible for the graphical interface.

Both work together to achieve the goals and because of that end up confusing people. But don’t get confused! They complete each other but serve different purposes.

UX has as its main objective and focus the user, thinking about a relationship between them. It aims to improve contact with the client, looking for ways to make it as comfortable as possible within the website.

The UI is all about planning and developing the interface of the virtual environment, plans all the structures and actions, determines the layout of the buttons and features.

The difference between them is notable in view of the definitions, but they are confused because it is about contact with the user. Call the Pixetic experts to day to get most excellent UI and UX designs. 

How do Design UI and UX increase conversions?

User contact and sales depend much more than putting a website on the air and advertising for good results. The way the techniques are applied can make your e-commerce grow, here are some tips for you to stand out and please your customer:

  • The ability to listen – Yes, the ability to listen is a fundamental and paramount tip for both designers. The basis of good design is listening to what people have to say, but not just listening, but having a critical hearing where you evaluate everything, through empathic listening, where you hear a person’s emotions and active listening, widely used in these processes. 
  • Forget patterns of personas – Forget that basic profile drawn from your customers, think of them as types of users, and structure a virtual store around your goals. Group them into categories such as those that will just browse, those that compare purchases, search for content, and make purchases. So you think of each button and each reaction according to the type of each user. This tip is for both UI and UX, but each one in their area and thinking about their final goal.
  • Offer your best right away – Special tip for UX. Be simple and clear, offer the main on the first screen. Place the necessary content before folding, so that it is easy to access and offers immediate impact.
  • Make things easier for your user – Usability perfectly fits the criteria that UX Design strives to improve. Usability is making something useful, efficient, clicking a button and going exactly where you clicked. And this is directly linked to UX; it is to make his experience satisfactory according to sentimental aspects. 
  • Include buttons that help users – To better suit users’ needs, pages are more summarized and compressed so that information does not accumulate. So for those who want to find something that is not on the first page, the search tool is essential.