Best triathlon watch for sports person at any level:

Basically, what is a triathlon watch? Triathlon watches are used to measure and track swims in both the pool and open water. Like a running GPS watch, these watches also track period, distance and your swimming speed. When you swim in the water, the watch counts laps and uses that information to calculate speed and distance. A triathlon watch does everything runnings watch do in addition with it track bike rides and swimming. It specially has a feature mode which used for competitions.

Difference between a triathlon watch and a regular sports watch:

Regular sports watches are only able to display the time and heartbeat, but the features of triathlon watches are now more valuable. Because of the built-in GPS and advanced tracking functions that can be very useful for many activities. There is some smart watch designed for the multisport triathlon which is perfectly capable of registering the multiple disciplines that are different for normal sports watches.

Benefits of a triathlon watch:

A triathlon consists of three different disciplines, so it works on three modes- swimming, cycling and running. For an effective triathlon training, having an accurate tracking record and overview of those three disciples are important. Of course, you want to know as precisely as possible what is your average speed is for each different part? Thereby, it is also important to know how much rest you should take in between your training session. For more informative details with reviews, price can check 

This article takes you to the top 5 triathlon watch which is most effective and less in cost efficiency. So, keep on reading this to know it.

1. Garmin Forerunner 735XT:

Garmin forerunner is on the leading position in the triathlon watch list. It is a GPS running watch with multisport features has a wrist-based heart rate so you can run freer on competition days. They provide advanced dynamic support for running, cycling and swimming including ground contact time balance, stride length, vertical ratio and more process when it paired with a running dynamics pod, HMR run or HMR tri monitor which are sold separately. For advanced running dynamics, VO2 max and more, add the chest strap and train your heart rate out. It also has smart notifications; automatic upload and compatibility with connect IQ for custom watch faces and apps. It has a battery life of smart watch- up to 11 days, GPS mode up to- 14 hours and ultra Track mode up to- 24 hours without wrist heart rate. They are also available in two different colors called black and grey.

2. Timex ironman classic 30:

The Timex Ironman classic 30 comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns with both full and mid-size case options. Feature includes a stopwatch with a 30- lap memory, customizable alarm, countdown timer and Indiglo backlight. It is specially water resistance up to 100 meters so it is generally suitable for swimming and snorkeling but not for diving. It has adjustable black 16 millimeters resin strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference. This product comes with one year manufactures warranty.

3. TomTom multisport GPS watch:

TomTom GPS running watch is used to measure time, pace, distance, calories burned and live updates on the go, and the quick GPS fix helps to find your location quickly so you can get going faster. They are ultra-slim, lightweight and waterproof watches which perfectly suits for runners. It also has an extra-large display with a one-button control that provides a tremendous use especially for runners. Mostly it’s like a smart watch with affordable prcice. You can use it in all kind of weather with the support of waterproof up to 165 feet/ 50 meters. The extra benefits of these watches are multi-platform compatibility, blue tooth smart connectivity, 10 hours of battery life (GPS mode) and desk dock support.

4. Coros APEX premium multisport GPS watch:

Coros APEX premium multisport watch is perfect one for athletes who want to train harder, safer and much more efficient. Its UltraMax setting will allow for the battery to run up to 100 hours for APEX 46 mm and 80 hours for APEX 42mm using GPS, while the normal GPS mode will yield up to 35 hours and 25 hours, and the regular usage up to 30 days and 24 days correspondingly. It has special features of a digital knob, preload Breadcrumb trail, and multiple sizing straps available in various colors.

5. Garmin vivoactive black:

This watch also belongs to the same brand called Garmin. They are built-in sports apps with enabling GPS for running, biking and golfing plus swimming and activity tracking. They help you to view your stats even when away from your phone. They are equipped with ultra-thin, high-resolution, sunlight-readable, color touch screens display and some other extra setups. They are customized with the free watch face designs, widgets and apps from connecting IQ store. It battery span can last up to 3 weeks in watch and activity tracking mode up to 10 hours using GPS. It all over display size is measured as 28.6×20.7 mm.

The choice of a triathlon or multisport watch depends on your up toe. Nowadays, the world is rapidly growing with new technologies and peripherals, so update yourself according to your own needs. As by review authors of vletuknow a good triathlon watch should be fairly thin. This just makes it easier getting a wetsuit off at the first race transition. So be updated with the best options.