Best Smart TV 2018: every smart TV platform is ranked, reviewed and rated

<pre><pre>Best Smart TV 2018: every smart TV platform is ranked, reviewed and rated

Best Smart TV Buying Guide: Welcome to TechRadar's overview of the best smart TV & # 39; s and smart TV platforms you can buy in 2018.

Ten years ago you had to look out for a smart TV & # 39; to find. Of course, they existed, but it was not like today, where 99% of the 40 inch and more TV sets are locked, filled and loaded with a smart TV platform.

What already existed at the time was awful, third-party services that never received an update and suffered huge gaps in their content library.

But those days are over.

The offered TV platforms have grown dramatically in recent years, with platforms such as webOS, Tizen, Roku TV and Android TV as drivers. TV makers no longer slide half-baked TV platforms into their flagship sets and instead focus primarily on your entertainment and ease of use.

Nowadays the best smart TV platforms are actually improve the viewing experience. They help you to access streaming content services and manage your view. If you want to view recommendations, your smart TV must give it.

What is the best smart TV platform you can buy? We have ranked & # 39; the world's most important connected TV platforms, with the emphasis on ease of use, functionality, stability and content support. After you have seen the best choices in each category, you can click through to the next page to view a detailed overview of each platform.

What is the best smart TV?

Best Smart TV with Samsung Smart Hub

The Samsung Q9FN is the best Smart Hub / SmartThings TV in the world

Spectacular HDR image quality

Good smart system

Advanced game features

Limited viewing angles

While the Smart TV system of the 65Q9FN is closely based on the Eden platform where Samsung has been busy refining in recent years, expect some tasty new pieces that contribute to the experience without taking away anything.

To begin with, there is now compatibility with The SmartThings platform from Samsung, which provides a hub on the screen for monitoring and even controlling other smart devices (refrigerators, washing machines, lighting, etc.) on your network.

There is also a much better integration of the TV listings and live broadcasts in the TV's search functions: there are now hour recommendation recommendations, for example, and TV programs are getting a lot more attention in the content search menu & # 39; s.

Samsung has also delivered enhanced interactivity with your smartphones and tablets, as well as some cool new gaming-related features.

In general, a smooth, user-friendly and helpful customizable interface is in conflict with the impressive sophistication and comprehensibility of Samsung's latest Smart TV engine.

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Best Smart TV with Android TV

The winner is the Sony 65-inch A1 Bravia OLED