Best Samsung TV: your guide to the top Samsung TV for 2018

Best Samsung TV

Before we show you what the best Samsung TV is, you should know that Samsung has been the best TV manufacturer in the past decade – 21.6% of all LCD-screen displays sold came from Samsung only a few years ago.

To put these sales figures in a different way, Samsung sold as many TV sets as Sony and LG together at the last count. If you are looking for the best Samsung TV, you are in good company.

One of the driving forces behind Samsung's success – and probably the reason you're here – is that Samsung turns A TON TV's off each year. In 2018 alone, Samsung has almost a dozen models, and that's not all TV's that went into sales in 2017 and are still in the store.

You have many Samsung TV options that you can choose from, which has its advantages and disadvantages. There must be a set for your needs and budget, but telling your Samsung UN55MU7000 from your Samsung UN55MU6490 can be confusing.

Do not worry, however: we are here to help. Whatever you are looking for and whatever your budget is, we help you find the best Samsung TV.

Why Samsung about LG or Sony?

Given that you have landed on this page, we assume that you had Samsung in mind. Why else shopping for the best Samsung TV, amiright? But perhaps you are still in that research phase, where you are not entirely sure of Samsung, and would you like to know why so many other people – both reviewers and enthusiasts – are driving on the hype train from Samsung.

Samsung has such a strong influence on these people because the TV's are more colorful and much brighter than the competition, especially in the QLED range.

Also important for the discussion: Samsung TVs are doing well with upscaling (which converts HD to 4K) and perform better than LG sets when processing scenes with fast movement. They offer a technology called HDR10 + that makes colors look super lively, and the input lag is generally quite low, which is great for gamers who want to use the TV with the new Xbox One X or PS4 Pro.

The disadvantage is that Samsung TVs are generally more expensive than those of their rivals, but they do not always last incredibly long. I'm not sure if you know this, but Samsung has a bit of a reputation for making some … explosive products.

The other problem with Samsung TV's is that they do not support Dolby Vision – an HDR format that offers higher brightness and better colors than HDR10.

That said, the good often weighs heavier than the bad, and here at TechRadar we recommend Samsung screens to people who have more to spend and are looking for the most picturesque TV's.

Best Samsung TV: naming structure explained

Before we dive into specific models, we will think a second time about the naming convention of Samsung. Once you understand how it works, you can read the veiled labels just as well as any electronics engineer – which is a big advantage if you're looking for a few deals on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday.

We called the Samsung UN55MU7000FXZA above, so let's use that as an example.

Samsung TV Guide Cheat Sheet

Here is a quick cheat sheet for reading a Samsung label:

Example: Samsung UN55MU7000FXZA

1. UN: Area where the TV is offered (UN for America, UE for Europe and UA for Asia / Australia)
2. 55: Screen size (this is a 55-inch TV)
3. MU: Indicates the year the TV was made (MU indicates a model for 2017)
4. 7000: The last number is the series (higher is better, but also more expensive)

It is probably obvious, but Samsung is clearly the company that makes the TV. Easy!

The UN means that you are talking about the American model of the TV. If you are in the UK, you may be more familiar with a & # 39; UE & # 39; view, while Australian or Asian readers have previously seen a UA prefix.

Of course, if you buy a new QLED TV from Samsung, you will find QN, QE or QA instead.

If you buy a TV in one region and go to another region, that can be problematic, but if you buy a TV for your region, you're fine.

The number after the prefix UN / UE pr QN / QE is the screen size. A & # 39; 55 & # 39; means that the TV is 55-inch. A Samsung UN49MU6500 is an American 49-inch TV, while a Samsung UN65MU6300FXZA is an American 65-inch TV.

After the MU and the first two numbers comes a second letter pair. This link indicates from which year the TV originated. An M or MU- means that the TV is from 2017, just like all QLED TVs (the Q9F, Q8C, Q8F, Q7C and Q7F).

If you see KS or KU in the title, the TV was made in 2016. JU and JS TV's were made in 2015. HU was 2014, the F-series from 2013, and so on.

The last four numbers are the series. In 2017, Samsung produces televisions in five main series: the 5-series, 6-series, 7-series, 8-series, 9-series, in addition to QLED TV & # 39; s and the more lifestyle-centered The Frame and Serif TV & # 39; s.

The higher in the series, the more functionality it has. It is quite difficult to divide it by series, because some larger screen sizes have different functions than smaller screen sizes, but the higher series TVs have features such as HDR, 4K, higher brightness settings, better motion processing and better operating systems.

The standard rule of thumb is that higher is better, but also generally more expensive.

Last but not least, you have the FXZA – a letter combination that indicates the region (the A stands for America) and, for a strange reason, inventory. This last part can be largely ignored, unless you enter the TV's into a database.

What is the best Samsung TV?

Best Samsung: Q9FN (QN65Q9FN)

Best Samsung: Q9FN (QN65Q9FN)

Samsung Q9FN (QN65Q9FN) QLED TV

The best TV ever? Could be!

Spectacular HDR image quality

Powerful, well-rounded sound

Good smart system

Advanced game features

Limited viewing angles

Put two and two together, and what you think is that the Samsung QN65Q9FNFXZA is the best TV of 2018. Not only is it part of Samsung's great QLED setup, but it is also the tallest model packaged in a number of excellent technologies – full-array local dimming, extreme brightness and ultra-smart tone allocation to name a few – and provides the best 4K photos with a high dynamic range we've seen so far.

In addition to being even lighter and more colorful than the comparable model from last year, the 2018 flag screens from Samsung use a completely different lighting system to combat the contrast problems of their predecessors: Full Array Local Dimming instead of edge-lit LED lighting. The FALD panel works with Samsung QLED Quantum Dots to produce a photo that is brighter and more colorful than almost everything we have seen from the South Korean manufacturer.

This means that they can be driven faster without losing the plot / aging too quickly, resulting in more clarity and a broader range of colors – or at least more color volume – than any other type of consumer television technology to date.

So, well, if you want the absolute best Samsung TV, then the Q9FN is the.

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… but hold on, that's not a very good answer, right? You knew you could get out $ 3,800 (about £ 2,720, AU $ 4,835) and buy something nice. And although we all love the Q9FN, it's probably a bit too far away from most people.

Let's set the budget for something more reasonable instead.

What is the best priced Samsung TV?

Dear Samsung: Q7FN QLED TV

Dear Samsung: Q7FN QLED TV

Samsung Q7FN QLED TV

Samsung's 55-inch Q7F QLED is a thing of beauty

Best value

Great colors and brightness

120Hz TV

Not as bright as the Q9FN

The Samsung Q7FN QLED TV has the bulk of what makes the leading Q9FN great: the quantum dots help produce a colorful but not oversaturated image, and the local dimming has really improved compared to a year ago. Although the Q7FN from Samsung is not the ultimate in QLED technology, it is a great compromise between price and performance with a clear screen, three forms of HDR and incredibly accurate colors for $ 1,799 (£ 1,999, AU $ 3,699).

Just like the rest of its brothers and sisters in the QLED offer of 2018, the Samsung Q7FN offers a seriously good upscaling of HD / SDR content. The result is a photo that has added extra detail with very little image noise. Another blessing is the Auto Game mode that can detect when you play a console or PC game and automatically switches the screen to the fast-response gamefoto mode. Samsung also has plans to add a variable refresh rate once, which will help with every screen you've seen cracking in recent years, bringing the input to a remarkably low 7ms.

If you are looking for a compromise between price and performance during your search for the best Samsung TV, then look at it.

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Still too expensive? We understand that! We have one last option!

OK, but what is the best cheap Samsung TV?

Dear Samsung: NU7200 series UHD TV

Dear Samsung: NU7200 series UHD TV

Samsung NU7100 series UHD TV

Are you looking for 4K / HDR in a cheap but good package? Meet the NU7100

Best budget Samsung TV

Impressive colors and clarity

4K and HDR at 40 inches!

Not the best for HDR playback

If the Q9F from Samsung is a Ferrari and the Q7FN is a Camaro, the NU7100 is a Honda: it is affordable and goes well with it. It may not be the most premium machine on the market – and can certainly learn a number of tricks from the higher league – but it's hard to complain about a TV that usually costs $ 400 (£ 549).

With the Samsung NU7120 in the United Kingdom, this TV offers almost all the smart functionality as the top models in a cheaper, but still good packaging. You will not be surprised if you're a cinephile, but if you're a gamer with a limited budget or someone who just wants to see what all the fuss about 4K is, this is a great option for the best Samsung TV on the market.