Home Tech Best Podcasts of the Week: The Green Wing Cast Brings the Beloved Comedy Back to Life

Best Podcasts of the Week: The Green Wing Cast Brings the Beloved Comedy Back to Life

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Best Podcasts of the Week: The Green Wing Cast Brings the Beloved Comedy Back to Life

Picks of the week

Green Wing: Resurrected
Audible, all episodes available now
Seventeen years after the anarchic and gloriously inappropriate medical show ended, it is revived in podcast form. The original cast, including Olivia Colman, Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan, are present. The doctors have aged shamefully, making the trip back to East Hampton Hospital worth the trip, and Statham (Mark Heap) remains the bigger character, marking his territory when the new boss takes his place. in the parking lot. Hannah Verdier

Annex A
Widely available, weekly episodes.
Abbey Clancy breaks free from The Therapy Crouch (and her co-host and husband Peter Crouch) for her own interview podcast. Her first guest is former Google X business director Mo Gawdat. She speaks of a happy, stress-free life, but she also speaks movingly of the death of her 21-year-old son, of grief and spirituality. She is a complete change of tone from Clancy and is totally absorbing. high voltage

Alessia Russo and Ella Toone celebrate after England beat Germany at Women’s Euro 2022. Photograph: John Sibley/Reuters

Gloriously unprepared
Widely available, weekly episodes.
Warm and wise: Josephine Hughes is the mother of two transgender daughters and wants to give a voice to other parents, partners and loved ones who find themselves in the same situation. Dr. Lulu begins season three with her very personal experience supporting her trans son. Political debates seem irrelevant when you have so much love. high voltage

Harry Hill Are we there yet?
Widely available, weekly episodes.
Seals, artificial intelligence and surreal times: Harry Hill explains the meaning of healthy in his new podcast designed to complement family car trips. Younger children will love the cheeky songs and references to ants, the Battle of Hastings and disgusting school dinners, but with guests like Alan Carr and Grayson Perry it’s a delight for adults too. high voltage

The Tooney and Russo Show
Widely available, weekly episodes.
Lionesses Ella Toone and Alessia Russo are best friends off the court, which is why they ramble on about every detail of their friendship in this new series where “nothing is off the table.” Vick Hope is here to keep order, but they jump quickly between random topics, like any other conversation between good friends. Hollie Richardson

There’s a podcast for that.

The merlot tulip blooms, illuminated by the sun, within a garden in spring. Photograph: Photography by Ian Laker/Getty Images

This week, Ammar Kalia choose five of the best podcasts on home improvementfrom a show about the design behind almost everything to the BBC’s immortal gardener’s guide

Fix It Home Improvement
Home renovations can range from small to large, from figuring out how to fix a faulty tap to tiling, plastering and knocking down walls. This long-running series from former US hardware store owner Jacy Elsesser combines with a helpful YouTube channel to give you basic DIY tips and guides for longer and more complicated jobs alike. Since most episodes are between 15 and 20 minutes long, there are likely to be at least a few that you like, from the best home buys to how to winter-proof your home when you turn down the thermostat.

99% invisible
Since 2010, radio producer Roman Mars’ series has delved into design and explaining the often radical stories behind the everyday objects that shape the way we live. While it’s not strictly a home improvement or DIY series, there are dozens of episodes on tools, appliances, and home aesthetics that are certainly worth a listen when it comes to considering your own home design options. Try early installments on the history of concrete furniture and bathtub design, as well as a miniseries on the allure of vernacular design in America and an explainer on Frankfurt cuisine.

Property Renovation Podcast
James Woodham and Juliette Yu’s series is about learning from other people’s renovation mistakes. Taking a refreshingly honest approach to interviewing contractors, industry experts, and developers across its 105 episodes, Woodham and Yu cover the big questions when it comes to renovating a home, from figuring out what to ask your builders to the importance of asking for samples and Key aspects for designing a good kitchen. There are also thought-provoking episodes with first-time buyers and home renovators about their methods, budgets, and advice for others tackling their own projects.

Gardeners’ Question Time
If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space at home, you know that it can require as much love and attention as your interiors. Fortunately, there are numerous gardening podcasts to help beginners and enthusiasts tackle these green spaces. While Gardening with the RHS provides useful, seasonal advice on planting and pruning and On the Ledge is an encyclopedic source of houseplant knowledge, Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time is one of the most comprehensive and wide-ranging series available. Each week, a panel of horticulture experts answers listeners’ questions, exploring everything from keeping plants alive to sourcing the best gifts for the gardeners in your life.

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A path to the garden
If Gardeners’ Question Time’s encyclopedic approach and sheer variety of episodes seem like too much to take in all at once, New York gardener Margaret Roach’s long-running series A Way To Garden is your best bet. Leveraging Roach’s extensive network of experts, these 25-minute episodes cover the basics with an engaging mix of facts, helpful tips, and free discussion. Tune in to find out if she should turn her lawn into a wild meadow, how to successfully incorporate native plants, and, perhaps most relatable to most listeners, how to keep her houseplants thriving for seasons to come.

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