Best New Productivity Features in Windows 11

Windows 11 is the latest installment in Microsoft’s highly successful line of operating systems. In the both the consumer world and the business world, Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the entire world. Windows 10 was the longest running iteration of the OS ever (and, in fact, it will still receive support up until October 2025), which is a testament to how many great features it had for both the business and personal user.

But Microsoft are confident that Windows 11 will go even further than Windows 10, and so far the general consensus is that, even though Windows 10 is still an excellent OS for most users, Windows 11 seems to be the obvious choice for those looking for productivity. For companies providing Managed IT Support Services to businesses, these kinds of updates and features need to be tested and trialed to see if they are really benefiting customers. 

So, what are the best new features that Windows 11 will bring to your PC?

Windows 11 is Ideal for Multitaskers

Windows 10 has a lot of excellent multitasking features, and Windows 11 takes them even further by adding great new features, and improving the existing features to include even more customizability. If you spoke to any IT Support Providers in the UK, they would say that customizing tech is super important today. For example, the Snap feature that was first introduced in Windows 7, and perfected in Windows 10 is a godsend for users that need to switch between multiple apps and tabs all the time.

In Windows 11, the Snap feature has gone even further with Snap Groups. This allows you to create snap groups with different apps and windows. A snap group will appear in your taskbar, allow you to switch between multiple apps almost instantaneously. Additionally, you can choose from different Snap layouts, simply by hovering over the maximize icon in the top right corner of an app.

Another useful and brand-new feature to Windows, is the ability to create multiple virtual desktops. You can name virtual desktops and keep different apps open, making it easy to switch between things. So, you could have different desktops for personal and work, or even different projects for work.

Focus Better with Windows 11

Windows 10 already had great focus features, mainly through the Focus assist. But, once again, Windows 11 is taking it to the next level. For one thing, Windows 11 make Focus assist much more easily accessible via the taskbar. There are 3 settings for Focus assist: Off, Priority only, and Alarms only. If a business is using the services of an IT Support Company UK Provider, then they should be getting advice on which tools can help with this. 

You can also automate Focus assist by setting rules. For example, you can set a rule so that only priority notifications appear between certain hours (such as the evening / early morning); you can set a rule a rule so that you only get priority notifications whilst gaming; and you can set a rule so that you only get alarms when using an app in full screen mode.

All in all, Windows 11 is a slick new take on Microsoft’s operating system. At the current time, it is most suited for business users, and anyone that values a more enhanced multitasking experience.