Best ideas to get the most out of your social media profile – Instagram likes and interactions


As of 2019, Instagram has started hiding the “like” number per post. It began as a test with Canadian users, which later expanded globally. According to Instagram, the idea behind this was to create a healthier environment across Instagram and make the entire experience less competitive. 

As a user, the most natural question is, does Instagram “likes” even matter anymore? We want to inform you, yes, they still do! Even though a few creators have reported that since users cannot see the like count anymore, many of the followers have stopped using the “heart” button entirely. However, the trick to the Instagram algorithm still lies in the engagement and the user interaction metrics. 

So, what are these tricks to get the best from your social media profiles, especially Instagram? Let us have a look. 

Incredible photos

If truth be told, photography used to be an art form before the social media and Instagram explosion. Even though you are using photography solely as a marketing tool, keep in mind that you need the skill to click good photos. In this present day and age, there is simply no room for the “okay” shots. If this means that you will need to take a few online photography classes, then so be it. It is high-time to level up and post incredible shots. 

Use hashtags

Hashtags are incredibly crucial when you are looking to boost the engagement metrics of your Instagram profile. Go for well researched and high-value long-tail keywords. Make sure to use a few generic keywords as well so that you can make the best of both worlds. Also, remember to use hashtags on your stories and bio as well. Yes, these do not earn you likes directly but can expand your reach to new fans and followers. 

Find the right audience

When you are looking to reach the right demographic, you need to invest in target market research. Before you can gather insights regarding what your audience and followers like, you need to know who they are. It is vital to differentiate between your Instagram audience and your entire social media audience. 

Tag well and tag right

Wherever and whenever relevant, make sure you are tagging the right people or brands. It might be a collaborator, an acquaintance, a hero you worship, or a global company. Your goal is to highlight how much you value their presence. 

Location geo-tagging

The best way to make sure the right people in and around your area is finding your post at the right time is to use the geolocation tag feature. That is very similar to localized search engine optimization of a post. 

Post at the right time

It is important to remember that Instagram values consistency and makes sure you are frequently posting and right when your audience is on Instagram. Instagram Analytics on a business profile will provide you with all the necessary insights. 

A like-to-win contest

Contests are a brilliant way to drive the engagement numbers up. A like-to-win competition is one of the simplest ways to push the numbers in a short time. Ensure that the prizes are desirable and specific about attracting real followers, not the opportunists.

Interact with other profiles

Instagram gives priority to posts and profiles based on specific parameters, and proximity is one of them. It is to say that when an algorithm thinks accounts are close, then interactions are automatically increased through the frequency of posts in the feed. With that in mind, you need to improve your interaction with other profiles and your followers too. Target similar profiles with many followers to expand your reach and increase your chances of getting likes and other valuable interactions. 

Getting placed on the explore tab

The explore tab is a great place, all decked up with the professionals of the field. Your target should ideally be to land up on this page. Brands and firms that show up on the explore tab get increased visibility. To get placed at the explore tab, you do need pretty high engagement numbers. However, as of 2019, Instagram has started offering Explore Tab ads, so you do have the option. 

Cross-promote for the best results

It would be best if you had multiple profiles – Twitter as well as the Instagram platform. It is vital to remember that you need to explore every option at your disposal regarding visibility. It doesn’t hurt to remind your Twitter followers now and then about the content they are missing on Instagram. 

Competition research is valuable

We already informed you that it is impossible to know much about posts from highly successful competitors these days since Instagram has hidden the entire “like” business. However, you can still leverage several social media analytics and listening tools to gauge competitor posts’ success. As far as your profile is concerned, if you are looking for free Instagram likes, contact Storm likes today.

The opinion of your followers is valuable

When you are looking to bump up your engagement, a simple “ask a question” caption can do wonders. It is a simple audience poll that will generate organic likes and user interaction for the post automatically. 

How about hosting a takeover?

The Instagram takeover is another type of cross-promotion that Instagrammers globally are using. It is where influencers and brands take over each other’s accounts and promote it. Ensure that the collaborator aligns with your values to spark interest in both sets of followers. It will wield many benefits for your brand.

Instagram is all about increasing your visibility. All you need is the right planning to stay on top of the game. That is why it is crucial to have a content calendar and design campaigns based on the current trends. Make sure you consider holidays, festivities, events, sales, and other special occasions. Follow all of the tips to make sure you are getting the best out of your Instagram profile. Promote yourself the right way.