Best headphones 2018: your definitive guide to the latest and greatest audio

<pre><pre>Best headphones 2018: your definitive guide to the latest and greatest audio

Best headphones 2018: Welcome to TechRadar's comprehensive overview of the best headphones in every style and at any price in 2018.

We all bought headphones that were just OK. Headphones that we could wear for a few weeks, maybe, and then just throw them away if we do not like them. They came from discountbins or checkout lines and they served a very specific (and short-lived) need.

We are not here to tell you not to buy that kind of headphones anymore. What we want to tell you is that the disposable headphone lifestyle does not lead to the best experience – for you or for your music.

Not only are cheap headphonies built to fall apart, but they are physically unable to deliver the audio experience artists and directors they want to achieve in your favorite movies, albums and TV shows.

TL; DR: They are cheap and simple, certainly, but they are not good.

It is our mission to connect you with some great sounding headphones. The best headset money can be purchased even if you have a limited budget.

That's why we've listened to hundreds of headphones over the years of each brand, model and variety to make list-after-list of the the best headphones with noise cancellation, the best wireless headphones, the best earplugs, etc …

We encourage you to view all the headphone lists here on TechRadar – but if you're in a hurry and just want to see the best headphones, period, this is the place for you. Below is our selection of the best headphones for each form factor, and we have even chosen a less expensive option for each, so that a lack of finance does not stop you from finding headphones you will really love.

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What are the best headphones you can buy now?

Here is a quick look at the best headphones this year:

Best in-ear headphones: 1 more triple-driver earphone

Your search for a great sounding, affordable headset ends here

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