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Best Free PDF Editor for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android – UPDF

PDFs are the widely used document formats because of their reliability and consistent formatting, but sometimes you need to edit PDFs for highlighting or encrypting. PDF formats are reliable because no matter how often you share, annotate or edit it, the formatting will not change, and data will be organized. Both academic and professional platforms prefer PDF formats for their official documents. 

Editing PDF is a common need, but things can get difficult if you have yet to learn about PDF editors. This article will discuss the free PDF editor you can use on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Part 1. UPDF – The Best Free PDF Editing Tool

UPDF is a powerful PDF editing tool by which you can edit multiple PDF files and level up the productivity of your PDF. With this free PDF editor, you can take the efficiency of PDF files to the edge of professionalism along with the best quality PDF conversion for free. Reading, editing, reviewing, organizing, or signing on iOS and Android platforms is now easier than ever. UPDF is a feature-rich tool to edit your PDF documents according to your needs using the prevailing features of UPDF.


Key Features of UPDF

As mentioned above, UPDF is a widespread and feature-rich tool. Some of the cutting-edge features which can improve the readability of your PDF files are mentioned below:

  1. View and Annotate PDF

UPDF allows you to view PDFs differently, like single-page view, two-page view, or single or two-page scrolling options. Alternatively, you can view multiple PDF files in different tabs and navigate them with a mouse click. The navigation options of UPDF, like going to the next or previous page, page zoom, and displaying PDF as a slide show, will enhance your user experience and maximize the legibility of PDF.  

Moreover, adding comments, text boxes, callouts, and sticky notes with the Annotation feature of UPDF is very assistive. You can always notice all important points in the PDF by highlighting or underlining them efficiently. To make your PDF document more captivating, add stickers, shapes, or drawings for free. There is also an option to delete annotations in case you don’t need them anymore.

  • Edit PDF

UPDF is a free PDF editing tool that can edit PDF files by editing fonts, font size, or color. The options to edit PDF with UPDF continue, as you can add images or links to your PDF. It also allows you to edit the image and link already present in your PDF file, such as you can change your link style or replace your image. Furthermore, if you notice that some points in the PDF are missing, you can add them by adding rich text. Adding rich text means; adding text by dragging it from anywhere else, like Chrome or Safari in PDF.

  • Convert PDF

Converting PDF files into another format using UPDF is easy because it supports several conversion formats. Some conversion formats that UPDF support for free are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV, Image, XML, HTML, PDF/A, and Rich Text Format. One of the most important features of UPDF is that it can convert scanned documents into searchable and editable file formats with its OCR technology.

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  • Encrypt PDF

Additional security of confidential documents is the thing that every person on a professional level wants. Because of this, UPDF allows you to add passwords to your PDF to restrict it from unauthorized persons. There are several types of passwords that you can add to documents, including permission passwords and open passwords. Moreover, you can also check or remove the security properties of existing PDF documents with UPDF.

  • Sign a PDF

Adding signatures to confidential or official documents makes them more professional and authoritative. You can also add your sign into PDF files using UPDF, as it allows users to add their sign into a document in an easy way. You can add a sign using three methods: keyboard, mouse, or trackpad. Furthermore, adjusting the thickness and color of the signature can also be done very efficiently with this tool.

  • Organize PDF

Organizing pages in PDF documents include extracting, inserting, splitting, rotating, reordering, and deleting pages in PDF files. With this free PDF editor, you can effectively manage your PDF files and organize them according to your needs.

Part 2: Why Choose UPDF for Editing Your PDF Files?

Now that we have an idea about the prevalence and productivity assistance of UPDF, let’s look at some points that set it apart from its competitors:

1. UPDF is Competitive

Many aspects place UPDF first in the list of PDF editing tools, such as allowing users to add stickers to the document. Moreover, you can convert 5 PDF files with OCR for free with this tool. In comparison, every feature of Adobe Acrobat is paid, and you cannot even try them before buying their package.  

2. Availability on All Devices with One License

Many PDF editing tools demand a separate license to work on separate devices, but in the case of UPDF, you have to buy one license. With that one license, you can work with it on several devices, including Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android.

3. User-Friendly Interface

UPDF comprises a very user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to use. Working with UPDF and using its feature is very easy and effective because of its organized and well-structured interface. In comparison with Adobe acrobat, it’s more captivating because the interface of Adobe Acrobat is not updated according to the new standards.

4. Best Customer Support Services

Customer support service is a basic need for any business to have successful growth and a good user experience. UPDF offers 24/7 customer support service, so your queries can be easily satisfied. 

5. New Feature with Every Update for Free

It is a thing for every tool to save its new feature for premium users, and only they can access it. But in the case of UPDF, you can use every new feature with every new update for free.


UPDF is a free PDF editor that you can access on multiple platforms to make your PDF files more productive and professional. Annotating, viewing, e-signing, organizing, or converting PDF documents is perfect if you work with a reliable tool like UPDF.


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