Best e-commerce platform of 2018: get an online store now!


The best e-commerce platforms in 2018

The rise of the web enabled countless companies to reach a broader market. Not only that, it has given rise to countless new online-only companies, fueled by the exponential rise of mobile connections.

It is therefore not surprising that one analyst claims that the market of the SMB e-commerce platform will break the billion dollar barrier.

There is no doubt that the Internet offers a huge opportunity for companies, but it is important for organizations to make the most of that opportunity. In order to sell your products or services online, your website must be properly equipped.

Building a complete webshop is a gigantic and happily unnecessary task. Nowadays there is a wide variety of e-commerce platform packages from which you can choose.

Most e-commerce platforms offer companies standard functionality, such as the ability to display products in an online catalog, make online payments, manage customers and provide aftersales.

Others offer more advanced features, such as online marketing features, the ability to manage or integrate with in-store systems and the delivery of APIs.

Which e-commerce software is best for your business depends entirely on your specific requirements. If you are an online outfit, POS integration is not necessary, but you may receive a lot of business from abroad, in which case support in foreign currencies would be a requirement.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best e-commerce platforms currently available before continuing to explore other options that you may want to explore in terms of creating your own e-commerce solution.

The best e-commerce platform packages

1. Shopify

Giant of the e-commerce world

Easy to use

Many functions

Powerful analyzes

Shopify is perhaps the best-known e-commerce platform available. It was founded in 2006 by the founders Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand and Scott Lake who, as the story goes, found that there was no easy-to-use e-commerce platform available and thus built their own platform. The company claims that: "You do not have to have technical or design experience to easily make a nice online store."

According to Shopify, it is possible to get one of its online stores up-and-running within minutes. Users can choose from a wide range of templates, or they can determine the look of their store themselves. It accepts an extensive range of credit cards, has Level 1 PCI compliance and 256-bit SSL encryption for security, and offers 24/7 support via telephone, instant messaging or e-mail.

The platform offers a complete CMS that allows users to manage the functionality and layout of their online store. Users can manage their store on the go with Shopify's mobile apps and the platform itself is fully responsive, meaning that the store will be optimized for visitors regardless of whether they open from a desktop or mobile device.

Shopify also offers users unlimited hosting for their stores, in-depth analyzes of how visitors use the store and functionality for marketing, such as SEO optimization, a discount and coupon engine, gift cards and email marketing tools.