Best Dry White Wine Recommendations

While red wines are more popular, a lot of wine connoisseurs still enjoy sipping on white wine. However, to find the best depends on many factors; budget and personal taste preference to name a few. Nonetheless, a lot of white wines in the market today are consistent in terms of their goodness that they still go well even with a wide variety of palates.

Dry White wines, especially the dry ones, are a great option for all kinds of drinkers. Even beginners find these enjoyable. Because of this, they are considered one of the most celebrated wines in the world. These include a wide number of varietals like Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris (or Pinot Grigio), Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, and a lot more. Read more information “What Does Dry Wine Mean?”

Know More About These White Wines And Their Best Brands Below:


Known as the most renowned and best sold white wine, Chardonnay is made from Chardonnay grapes that are most planted and produced in France and United States.

It offers a wide variety of styles and types to choose from which makes it easy to find one that goes well with your palate. Chardonnays that are aged in oak usually leave a toasty and buttery taste while those that are not aged in oak are aged in stainless steel vats, leaving a fruitier, lighter taste.

Chardonnays produced in France are relatively more expensive than those from United States, costing over $1000 a bottle on an average. As for the taste, Chardonnays from the latter tend to be creamy and show spice through the nose to the palate. White Burgundy which is also made from Chardonnay tend to be more “mineralic” and acidic which means it would take years of aging to be able to open and enjoy a glass of it.

For consistently good Chardonnays, you can try Kistler Vineyard from California (perfectly acidic and creamy), Lynmar Estate from Russian River (highly acidic but not too oaky), Rombauer Vineyards from Napa, California, and Vincent Girardin from France.

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Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio)

Next to Chardonnay, Pinot Gris is considered the second most popular and best selling wine in the world. The grape where it is made from is highly related to Pinot Noir, producing a medium bodied white wine with flavors of pears and mineral.

For amazing Pinot Gris, you can try out J Vineyars and Winery from California which is known for its sparkly, delicious finish, and King Estate Winery from Oregon which makes a wonderful Pinot    Gris that is lean and dry with an earthy tone.

A lot of white wine lovers love Riesling for its perfectly balanced acidity and crisp flavors. There are Rieslings that are sweet but there are also varieties that are dry from around the world.

If you are living in a cool climate area like Australia, France, Austria, Germany, and a lot more, this white wine is perfect for you. The nose of the glass on these wines usually delivers notes of lemon, petrol, citrus aromas, and minerality. Note, though, that if you are eyeing on a dry Riesling, a label that says “Kabinett” should be present to make sure it is truly dry.

For great Rieslings, you can try out Dr. Loosen from Germany, Joh. Jos. Prum which is also from Germany, and Domaine Weinbach from Alsace, France which is known for its crisp with floral notes.

Sauvignon Blanc

This white wine variety is something a lot of white wine lovers enjoy in terms of affordability and flavors it offers including lime, lemons, and grapefruit. The one from New Zealand also offers notes of spice and gooseberries. Overall, Sauvignon Blanc is an ideal drink for summer.

For best Sauvignon Blanc, you can try Geyser Peak Winery from California. Their Sauvignon Blanc is award-winning and very acidic with flavors of grapefruit and zesty lemon. You can also try Kim Crawford from New Zealand. Their Sauvignon offers a fresher gooseberry and intense herbal and     citrus aromas.

Aside from the varieties mentioned above, there are still a lot more great white wines that are worth a try like Pinot Blanc, Viognier, and Gewurztraminer. If you want to discover the best white wines, asking your local wine shop owners can help as they tend to be more passionate about wine. Surely, they would be happy to give some suggestions.