Best countries to study in

There are many benefits that one can consider when deciding to study abroad. The first one is the great cultural experience that one will experience. On top of that, it allows you to learn a language, which can be a skill that will become handy in life. As a human, you also get to grow and become better-rounded and more tolerant.

While deciding to choose where to go and study abroad, below is a list of the best places.

  1. China

In recent times China has become more popular as a place for studying. Going to China is a new experience. It has an incredibly rich history and culture. Highlights in culture include history, art, and food. Universities in china offer expertise in business, technology, and economics in particular. 

  1. Denmark 

Denmark, among many Eu countries, offers free tuition to its citizens. Despite the cost of living in Denmark being high, the quality of life is good. Due to unemployedprofessors, they have excellent Ph.D. and Masters’s programs, and they fund well the postgrad students.

  1. Argentina

Most people never put south America as a destination when they think about studying. But in recent times, higher education systems in South America have been getting better. The universities are cheap to attend, and there is a vibrant local culture.

  1. Canada

Canada’s number of international students is very high. It shows how easy it is to study there. For people who want to experience the US culture but schools with cheaper fees, Canada is the place for you. There are very many respected universities.

  1. United States of America

Arguably the most respected country in terms of quality higher learning institutions. The USA is the best place to go to fast-track yourself. Big projects and influential research are usually from the USA. The downside is the fees; they are extremely high. Studying in the USA is a great thing, but it can be difficult if you do not have the funding.

  1. Finland

The educational system in Finland is excellent. The quality of life is high, and it has beautiful landscapes. The Finnish language is challenging to learn, but more people are speaking English nowadays. If you can brace cold weather and the very sparse population, then Finland is the place for you.

  1. Germany

With a reputation of sciences and engineering courses, and also a long history. Germany is a fantastic choice if choosing to study abroad. Be it a traditional university, technical university, academics’ standards are high all over the country. Unlike some countries, the living costs are quite affordable. Transportation within Germany and also to bordering countries is good. Most Germans speak English. Some schools offer their courses fully in English.

  1. United Kingdom

It is a fantastic place to study. Despite the high fees for international students. If you get a scholarship or grant to study there, Britain is an excellent place. Many universities and renowned, and they have networking opportunities than any other country. Outside of London, living costs are affordable

  1. Italy

Apart from visiting Italy, it is a place you can study. With amazing foods, vibrant social life, and a language not too hard to learn, Italy is the place to go. They have universities that offer amazing engineering and technology courses.

  1. Sweden

Sweden offers exceptional opportunities for international students. EU citizens study free of charge. The costs to worry about are living expenses. International students can work even during their studies. Most of the people also speak English.