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Best clitoral suction toys

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Designed to simulate The sucking or tapping sensation of oral sex, clitoral suction toys are a relatively recent addition to the pantheon of sex toy superstars. Suction toys are a bit of an outlier in the industry: vibrators and dildos have a long and occasionally misogynistic story as medical instruments used to induce orgasm as a treatment for “hysteria” and “women’s problems.” But suction toys are specifically designed to make you feel good. They were created with sexual pleasure in mind, specifically the sexual pleasure of women and people with vulvas.

Over the years, I’ve tried dozens of suction toys alone and with partners of various gender identities, genitalia, and sexual preferences. These are the cream of that particular crop, the best clitoral suction toys on the market.

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How do suction toys work?

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Clitoral suction toys can be a bit mysterious if you’re not familiar with their ins and outs. Vibrators contain motors that provide vibration just by shaking them, but a suction toy is a little more complex.

They work by modulating air pressure with an internal diaphragm. They all have a mouth, and inside that mouth is a (typically) silicone membrane that an internal motor moves in and out. When you press your mouth against your body, it traps air there, preventing it from escaping. The movement of the membrane uses that air to create a modulating high and low air pressure. Those changes in air pressure create the sucking sensation that suction toys are famous for.

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