Best cheap headphones: your guide to the best budget headphones in 2018

<pre><pre>Best cheap headphones: your guide to the best budget headphones in 2018

Here at TechRadar we have built a reputation for covering all the latest, best and most expensive technology in the world. But despite all that advanced equipment we still have a passion for finding great technical items that anyone can afford, and the best cheap headphones are a great place to start. It is this passion for affordability that inspired us to make this list with the best cheap headphones on the market in 2018 – we have used our bargain hunting and have found a large amount of cheap headphones that you can buy without having to think twice about it. about the.

By their nature, the headphones that you prefer will eventually fit your personal taste. However, since the headphone market is extremely saturated, it is really difficult to find out what the best headphones are for your taste. That is where we come in.

Meddle with us – it is impossible to get hold of every affordable headset, but we will not recommend anything that we have not used ourselves. So if we missed your favorite headphones, it was not on purpose, we assure you.

With this guide we went through a process where we extensively tested a huge amount of cheap headphones from all over the internet in every style under the sun. In-ear, over-ear, wireless – everything you can think of.

Then we took the results of all these extensive tests and measured each headset against each other until we could choose a couple with pride to be proud of the best cheap headphones & # 39; to wear badge. So rest assured, even if we have not chosen your favorite headphones, there is no pair in this list that will disappoint.

What are the best cheap headphones?

Best cheap earplugs: RHA S500

They simply do not have the right to sound that good

Great clarity / precision

Fits well

No noise

Can be exhausting

No built-in microphone

Everyone loves ear plugs because of their portability and noise reduction. Whether it is commuting in one morning or just a short walk through your neighborhood, they are perfect. And, in this fiercely popular and competitive category, the RHA S500 reigns supreme.

For its cheap price, the RHA S500 frankly does not have the right to sound as good as it does. We found it had the best clarity and precision of all the in-ear headphones that we tested, along with a comfortable fit that doubled as a passive sound barrier. In addition, it offered a solid, balanced sound with warm midtones and highs and a solid bass response.

In a category with tons of great competition, the RHA S500 is clearly above the rest.

  • This product is only available in the US and the UK at the time of this writing. Australian readers: view a good alternative in the Anker SoundBuds NB10