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Best BBQ and Hot Sauce Subscription Boxes

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Best BBQ and Hot Sauce Subscription Boxes

The boxes cost $34 with $8 shipping and with the option of delivery every month, three months or six months. You can subscribe monthly or sign up for three, six, or 12 months, but unlike most other companies, there’s no discount for signing up for a longer subscription.

The best hidden gem

BBQ Distro is the pride of Grand Prairie, Texas, and is the key to preparing the best Texas-style barbecue in your backyard. BBQ Distro is run by grill master and smoke director Joe Zavala of Zavala’s BBQ, an award-winning steakhouse, and distributes sauces and rubs from Texas monthlyThe 50 Best Barbecues in Texas, which is considered the Oscar barbecue of Texas. You’re getting the best of the best Texas-style barbecue sauces, including Zavala’s, their Careless Juan BBQ Sauce It is the best sauce I tried for this list.

There are two size options for a BBQ Distro subscription. You can choose the “Fat” box, which includes two main products (for example, a sauce and a dressing), or the “Lean” box, which includes only one. To get your smoker going (if you have one), each monthly box also includes tumbleweed lighters from Nomad Grills. Many pitmasters consider Nomad to be the best best quality tumbleweed. Boxes also include a small bag of authentically smoked potatoes or Dallas corn chips. Low and slow snacks. They also have giveaways, like keychains and koozies from partners like Topo Chico.

However, a BBQ Distro membership is much more than the box you receive in the mail. Gives you access to comprehensive videos from Zavala and other pit masters providing invaluable education on grilling and smoking, including a three-hour brisket smoking class led by Zavala. This is in person at Zavala’s BBQ and yes, people travel from all over the country to attend. This usually costs $200, but you can attend once for free with a subscription.

The Fatty box costs $39 for one month, $109 for three months, or $399 for one year (saving you $6 per month). The Lean Box costs $24 for one month, $64 for three months, or $229 for a full year (saving you $5 a month).

Best Hot Sauce Customization

Scovilled is the only company on this list where you can get both barbecue sauce and hot sauce. It’s also the best service for customizing your subscription, because you answer questions about your preferences. You can select your preferred spiciness level, flavors (like blueberry or garlic), and your food combinations (like burgers or chicken). I also ordered barbecue sauce.

I was surprised by the accuracy of what I received, which included a delicious cranberry-chipotle BBQ sauce. Being able to customize your preferences means you’re less likely to be surprised. However, you are more likely to enjoy sauces because they guide you in what you know you like. If you don’t mind, you can always choose the “Surprise me!” option. option.

Scovilled gives you the option of purchasing three bottles or one bottle per case. If you choose to pay as you go, the subscription costs $30 or $12, respectively, whether you choose to have a box sent every month or every three months. You can also choose to pay six months at a time, which saves you 5 percent, or one year at a time, which saves you 10 percent.

Most Interactive Hot Sauce Box

If you are a fan of the popular YouTube series The hot ones, you might be inclined to choose Heatonist as your hot sauce subscription box of choice. Heatonist has a partnership with First we celebrate, the company that produces the show, so you can film your famous (or not-so-famous) friends with the entire 10-sauce lineup as their throats catch fire and their eyes turn into waterfalls. You can even buy bottles from previous seasons.

I received a monthly subscription box that included Chermoula cucumber-jalapeño hot sauce from Butterfly Bakery of Vermont (native to Morocco), NashSeoul Hot from Seed Ranch Flavor Co (with a gochujang base), and Me-So Hot from Chili Lengua of Fire (with a base of miso). . I loved the inclusion of international flavors and the fusion that made up this incredible variety with flavor combinations that I didn’t know I needed. (My favorite here is the cucumber jalapeño, a solid kick that cools down.)

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