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Best Apps for the firestick and What They Do

Amazon’s Fire Stick is a renowned alternative to convert your non-smart television to a smart tv. This stick is based on Android and permits you to access a lot of popular streaming alternatives on your TV. 

Once you have the stick, the first thing you must do is install all the applications you need. These applications are how you get access to your favourite content, and you would also then know that your Amazon Firestick supports them or not.

Let’s read further to learn more about the best firestick apps and what they do. We believe this article would be super helpful for those struggling to get an Amazon TV fire stick. 

Best Fire TV Stick Apps 


Whenever we talk about streaming services, Netflix is the most preferred application that provides you access to several original contents on your devices. This application is also available for fire TV as well. This directly means that you can enjoy all your favourite Netflix shows and binge watch on your TV with your friends and family. 


It is one of the most popular streaming sites out there. And, with the Amazon Fire Stick, you can get authority to a plethora of videos at once. You can access your subscriptions, watch videos and search for other video’s as well utilising your keywords. 


In case you’re someone who loves the Hulu application, then fire TV would help you in accessing all your favourite TV content from several categories.

It comes along with some great features such as kids profiles and user profiles, which allows you in seeing the most relevant content according to your choice and preferences. 


It is a Sony-owned Amazon fire stick application that brings the most out of the sony entertainment content. It has a wide range of videos available in several categories that you can binge-watch. 


Your fire TV isn’t just to watch videos or movies. You can also listen to your favourite drops and tracks using it. If you possess a Spotify subscription, you need to install this application, and you can begin listening to your favourite tracks all day long. 

VLC Media Player

Not every video has a regular file format, and your stick may not play all the videos. In this case, the VLC media player would support you. It can play all the available media formats, and it can also be done on your firestick. 


Sometimes you would want to watch the content that is stored in your cell phone on the TV. Well, allCast makes it easy for you as it lets you cast all the media files over to the Alexa fire stick. However, remember that both the devices should be on a similar network, and you should be ready to cast. 


In case you’re someone who utilises twitch, and like watching several games play games online, then you can amp up this experience while using the Alexa fire stick with the twitch Amazon fire stick application. As soon as the application is installed, you can log in and start watching your favourite gamers play your favourite games online. 


This application is not too famous as it permits the users to watch illegal stuff. However, they can also manage some legal content. There are a lot of addons for Kodi that you can utilize in the Amazon Fire TV stick and get access to enjoyable and legal content on your fire TV.

Private Internet Access

As soon as you link your fire stick to a series of online networks, it’s always advised to keep your profile guarded against any unauthorised devices. The private internet is a VPN application that encrypts the connection and permits spoofing the IP address. 


While you can load applications on your fire stick, that’s not the only way out to get applications to your stick. Downloader permits you to download files and applications from several sources on your device.

It’s nothing but a browser for your Amazon Fire TV stick that can download files and manage them for you. Note that you’ll be required to load the applications that aren’t available on the app store. 


It helps you in mirroring the screen of your cellphone to your firestick. You need to download the application to your stick and connect the device to it utilising a common connection method, and then you’ll see your phone’s screen on the TV. 

ES File Explorer

The Amazon TV firestick doesn’t have a file explorer. It means that you can browse and get access to the stick features, but you cannot see the field on the storage of the stick. ES File Explorer supports revealing files as a file manager, and you can also make use of all the file operations. 


You would never think of utilising a calculator on your TV, but it’s always a good idea to use it just in case you require it on a few occasions when your phone has died.

The calculator application brings a very functional calendar to the fire stick. Some of its features are calculations history, ability to perform and predict the results etc. 

Bookmarker 1

Typing things isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Hence, bookmarker 1 solves this problem. It’s a bookmarking application that permits you to save your URLs and open them later for future reference. 

It works well with both silk browser and firefox, and you should have at least one of these installed to use the fire stick. 

Final Conclusion

This was all about the Amazon firestick applications. Let us know if we have missed out on anything. Also, make sure to drop in your comments and questions in case of any queries.

We will get back to you ASAP! Let us know if you find the above article useful. The above-listed applications can give a large amount of entertainment to every individual.

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