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Berhalter could return as USA coach


NEW YORK — Gregg Berhalter may be a candidate to continue as U.S. national team coach after a report by a prominent law firm that it made no secret of evidence of domestic violence in 1992 involving his now-wife.

The report, which was made public Monday by the US Soccer Federation, also concluded that Berhalter’s conduct “possibly constitutes a misdemeanor or assault on a female.”

Berhalter’s contract came to an end on December 31, and Anthony Hudson, one of his assistants, was named interim manager on January 4. They will make the decision on the new coach when they hire a sports director.

“My wife, Rosalind, and I respect the Federation’s process,” Berhalter told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from Britain. “We’re excited for what’s next.”

“I am open to all options,” he added. “It’s a job that interests me, and I’m keeping the option open.”

The firm Alston & Bird carried out an investigation after former captain Claudio Reyna and his wife Danielle Egan Reyna, parents of midfielder Gio Reyna, informed the federation of the 1992 incident after Berhalter took giving Gio less playing time. in the World Cup.

It concluded that the Reyna family is not guilty of extortion, but that Claudio’s conduct possibly violated the provisions of FIFA’s code of ethics for conflict of interest, protection of physical and mental integrity, and abuse of his position.

The investigation obtained the testimony of 16 people but, according to the investigators, Claudio Reyna refused to speak, something that he denied through his representative. The inquest added details of the January 1992 incident between Berhalter and Rosalind Santana.

“Mr. and Mrs. Berhalter were 18 years old and were drinking alcohol that night; they started arguing inside the bar; they left the bar together and continued arguing,” the report stated. “Outside, Mrs. Berhalter hit Mr. Berhalter in the face; Mr. Berhalter pushed her to the ground and kicked her twice. No police report was filed; there was no complaint or arrest; and Mrs. Berhalter did not request medical attention.”

The report described the incident as “an isolated event, and we found no evidence to indicate that Mr. Berhalter has engaged in similar misconduct at any other time.”

The investigators concluded that Claudio Reyna “used his direct line of communication with Federation leaders to give benefits and preferential treatment to his children.”

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