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Benny Gantz: We will return to the Knesset to talk to Netanyahu in good faith


After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced, today, Monday, that the judicial amendments would be postponed for the next session of the Knesset, Israeli protest leaders rejected Netanyahu’s speech, according to the Israeli Channel 12.

“maneuver to impose dictatorship”

And they considered that Netanyahu’s postponement of the amendments is a maneuver to re-impose dictatorship at a later time, stressing that he will remain in the streets.

However, former Defense Minister Benny Gantz welcomed Netanyahu’s speech, and demanded that Defense Minister Galant be reinstated.

“We will go back to the Knesset and talk to Netanyahu in good faith,” he said.

strike suspension

The union also called for a nationwide strike to be called off after Netanyahu announced the postponement of the judicial amendments.

“The strike you announced this morning will end,” said Arnon Bar-David, head of the Histadrut union, praising Netanyahu for the move and offering to help work out mutually consensual amendments.

“No to civil war”

And the (Ynet) news site quoted Netanyahu as saying, in a speech to the Israelis, that “there can be no civil war in Israel.”

The site added that Netanyahu said that Israel cannot survive without its army, and its army cannot survive while refusing to perform military service.

It comes at a time when Israel is witnessing widespread unrest and demonstrations across the country, rejecting the amendments.

Earlier today, the “Times of Israel” newspaper reported that the Jewish Power Party announced that its leader, National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, had agreed to postpone the judicial amendments, giving the government a deadline until the next session of the Knesset, which begins in early May.

opportunity to pass legislation

The newspaper said that this deadline would give Netanyahu an opportunity to try to pass legislation related to the amendments through negotiations with opposition figures.

She indicated that Ben Gvir’s position came in exchange for Netanyahu’s agreement to approve the formation of the “National Guard”, which Ben Gvir seeks to establish, at the next cabinet meeting.

She explained that the “National Guard” will be placed under the command of the Ministry of National Security, which Ben Gvir handles.

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