Benefits and Drawbacks of Learning Apps in Education

Nowadays we can’t imagine our life without computer technologies. Our kids can not even realize that there was no internet just some 20-25 years ago! Medicine, transport, science, education, each of these social industries has been assimilated and transformed by the use of modern technology. Learning apps have become an essential and indispensable part of education for students of all ages.

What are the Benefits of Learning Apps in Education

There are a lot of advantages to using computer technologies and mobile apps for kids education in teaching, otherwise, they would not have become so popular among teachers, parents, and their children in such a short time.

1.Education apps are stimulating, motivating, and funny tools adored by students of all ages. The apps become indispensable when there is a need to pay children’s attention to a classroom lesson or a particular subject or topic that seems boring or disregarding. Moreover, technology nowadays can act as built-in lessons and improve students’ progress.

2. Education apps prepare children to use technology. They develop young learners’ skills and abilities necessary to perform in their future. As the popularity of app-based learning grows there have been conducted a lot of researchers aimed to find out whether there is any help or hurt for children of using the apps. Most of them proved that school children who had used various apps as part of their learning curriculum improved their performance on a national assessment.

3. All children learn differently and at their own pace, thus learning apps give a great opportunity to meet the needs of every student and teach them independence as well.

4. Some learning apps, for example, provide young students with a low-stress and fantastic, engaging way of introducing letters and basic literacy skills, and, at the same time, help to focus on assisting dyslexic kids to read and autistic children to develop social skills or expose their vocabulary. Please, feel free to follow the link mobile apps for kids education and you’ll be proud of your learners making progress individually.

5.  And last but not least, using education technologies such as colorful worksheets and books cuts down on the need for paper and saves trees. This link can provide you and your young learners with enormous bright coloring educational worksheets.

Despite the Benefits, there are Disadvantages of Using Education Apps

1.  Proponents of traditional education argue against the use of computer technology in teaching. Supportive researches have also been conducted to prove the fact that the use of learning apps is affecting the ability of children to focus or concentrate and may impact their emotional development as well as self-control and empathy for other people. 

2.  Computer technologies and the internet at school are a great temptation for kids to distract from the lesson and play unrelated games. Moreover, studies show that most of the apps are designed for individual use instead of interacting with peers or teachers, and thus, there is a lack of in-person communication that leads to kids’ isolation and becoming absorbed.

3.  Screen time recommended for children is still under debate but it is obvious that the more kids spend time in front of the screen the more they might face sleep problems and difficulties in managing stress and regulating mood.

4.  Some more reasons can be mentioned as drawbacks of learning apps’ popularity. For instance, different families have different socioeconomic backgrounds and possibilities to provide their kids with all modern gadgets. It can lead to disparity, competition, and inequality in learning. Then, permanent use of learning apps does not teach to learn: there is no need to memorize or analyze anything if you have a computer you are always tempted to Google. Thirdly, learning online you are constantly at risk of the network going down or the laptop broken. And finally, there are still a lot of teachers who are not good at technology or even not familiar with it. 

Cooperation is the best idea to find the balance. Learning apps are not meant to replace the teacher or the regular curriculum but integrate the use of education apps into the classrooms in an efficient way.