Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei has died, Belarusian state media reported today.

Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei was poisoned in a Kremlin sting operation, extraordinary new reports claim.

The veteran diplomat and former spy died suddenly yesterday amid claims he was in secret contact with the West in connection with the war in Ukraine and preventing Vladimir Putin from incorporating Belarus into Russia.

A video shows Makei, 64, looking healthy on a Belarusian military cargo plane last week, shortly before he died. She was not known to suffer from any chronic illness.

Some reports say that he apparently suffered a heart attack and that his death has ‘shaken’ Alexander Lukashenko, who now fears for his own safety.

Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei has died suddenly, Belarusian state media reported yesterday.

Vladimir Putin (R) Is Said To Want To Seize Control Of The Belarusian Army And Removing Makei Would Help Break Relations Between Belarusian Leader Lukashenko (L) And Western Powers (Russian President Vladimir Putin Meets His Belarusian Counterpart , Alexander Lukashenko, In Sochi On September 26).  , 2022)

Vladimir Putin (R) is said to want to seize control of the Belarusian army and removing Makei would help break relations between Belarusian leader Lukashenko (L) and Western powers (Russian President Vladimir Putin meets his Belarusian counterpart , Alexander Lukashenko, in Sochi on September 26). , 2022)

Makei Was Seen Boarding A Flight On A Belarusian Military Plane Just A Few Days Ago, Apparently In Good Health.

Makei was seen boarding a flight on a Belarusian military plane just a few days ago, apparently in good health.

Leonid Nevzlin, An Oligarch And Critic Of Putin'S Opposition, Claimed Foul Play Was Likely Involved In Makei'S Death.

Leonid Nevzlin, an oligarch and critic of Putin’s opposition, claimed foul play was likely involved in Makei’s death.

The tyrant has even replaced his cooks and servants, fearing assassination by Moscow, it is claimed.

Putin’s exiled enemy and businessman Leonid Nevzlin alleged that Makei “died as a result of poisoning developed in a special FSB laboratory.”

He cited sources ‘close to the Russian special services’, stating: ‘The clinical picture in such cases corresponds to death from stroke or heart failure.’

Makei was due to attend an Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) meeting in Poland this week to meet with key Western politicians and officials, a session from which Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was banned. .

Nevzlin stated that the poisoning theory “is supported by the fact that the 64-year-old official had no health problems, led an active lifestyle and was making plans.”

“When he suddenly had a heart condition, he did not go to the doctors because he had not experienced such problems before and did not attach any importance to the pain,” Nevzlin said.

He quoted a Russian toxicologist as saying: ‘It is very easy to poison a man so that everyone thinks he died of natural causes.

“It’s enough to upset the balance of enzymes in your body, the substances that ensure all processes without exception, from the fluttering of eyelashes to breathing.”

Nevzlin added: “Makei’s death, essentially the second [most important] man in the state, has caused panic in the circles of the Belarusian nomenklatura.

‘But the dictator Lukashenko is the most affected. He has ordered the replacement of his cooks, servants and guards.

Lukashenko’s children have been given additional security. The dictator trusts no one.

Nevzlin concluded that Lukashenko fears that his supposed ally Putin is organizing “a magnificent funeral” for him.

The alleged removal of Makei severed Belarus’ remaining relations with Western powers, according to the General SVR Telegram channel.

It was “planned, prepared and implemented on the personal initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin,” the Russian dissident channel alleged.

‘Nobody really hides the fact that this is a murder by Lukashenko.

“The action was demonstrative and was aimed at disrupting Lukashenko’s separate negotiations with the West and China.”

Makei’ assured her [Western] counterparts, and not without success, that Lukashenko was taken hostage by Putin and forced to commit “unpopular” acts under pressure from the Russian president and in order to preserve the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus.’

Russian opposition politician and human rights activist Lev Shlosberg, 59, added: “It is very difficult, almost impossible, to believe in the natural nature of the causes of Vladimir Makei’s death.”

Vera Polyakova-Makei (L) Has Not Commented On The Death Of Her Husband (R)

Vera Polyakova-Makei (L) has not commented on the death of her husband (R)

Vladimir Makei Is Pictured With His Wife Vera Polyakova-Makei

Vladimir Makei is pictured with his wife Vera Polyakova-Makei

Russian Opposition Politician And Human Rights Activist Lev Shlosberg Claimed That Makei'S Death Likely Occurred As A Result Of A Targeted Operation.

Russian opposition politician and human rights activist Lev Shlosberg claimed that Makei’s death likely occurred as a result of a targeted operation. “It is very difficult, almost impossible, to believe in the natural nature of the causes of Vladimir Makei’s death,” he said.

The widow of the Foreign Minister, Vera Polyakova-Makei, 44, an actress and director of the Minsk Youth Theater, has not commented on her husband’s death.

Lukashenko issued only a brief statement offering condolences to his family and friends.

But Belarusian political scientist Aleksey Dzermant denied that Makei was killed.

‘There are no facts that would give reason to say that. In addition, she had a sufficient degree of protection and security.

“The causes of his death are natural,” Dzermant said.

Pro-Kremlin analyst Sergei Markov also claimed that “all cooks and service staff have been replaced” at Lukashenko’s residence.

‘Sometimes you have to. A good reason to do it now,’ she said.

He added: ‘The Belarusian authorities have rejected the reports about the poisoning of Foreign Minister Makei.

‘They said he started having heart problems. But the sudden death of a fairly young 64-year-old prominent politician raised suspicions of murder.

Makei had held his position since 2012 and was not known to suffer from any chronic illness.

He was seen apparently in good health at a Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSO) meeting in Yerevan, Armenia, just a few days ago.

His shocking death came a day before a meeting scheduled for Monday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov amid Russian suspicions about his secret liaison channel with Western interlocutors.

On Tuesday, Makei would travel to the Polish city of Lodz, where he was invited to attend an OSCE council meeting with Western officials.

His invitation came as a surprise given Belarus’s complicity in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: Lavrov was not invited.

Makei, 64 (Left), Had Been In His Position Since 2012 And Was Not Known To Have Any Chronic Illnesses.  He Was Due To Meet His Russian Counterpart Sergei Lavrov (R) On Monday.

Makei, 64 (left), had been in his position since 2012 and was not known to have any chronic illnesses. He was due to meet his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov (R) on Monday.

Makei Appears Next To The President Of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.

Makei appears next to the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei Pictured With Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei pictured with former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Prior to the presidential election and mass anti-government protests in Belarus in 2020, Makei had been one of the initiators of efforts to improve Belarus’ relations with the West and had been critical of Russia.

However, he changed his stance after the protests were brutally put down, saying they were inspired by agents of the West.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began in February, Makei doubled down on his pro-Kremlin stance, claiming that the West had provoked the war and that Ukrainian authorities should accept Russian peace terms.

A few days before the start of the war, Makei promised that there would be no attack on Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. A few days later, the Russian troops proved him wrong.

A statement given by Makei to The United Nations Security Council summarized in September the strange position that Belarus occupies in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

‘Belarus is referred to as ”an accomplice of the aggressor” or even as a party to the conflict. We have said and continue to say: Belarus has never advocated war. But we are not traitors either,’ she said in reference to Belarus’s close alliance with Russia.

“We have allied commitments, and we are strictly following and will follow the spirit and letter of the international treaties to which we are a party.”