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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Belal Muhammad Is Not Amused by Colby Covington’s Threats Against Jon Anik


UFC welterweight competitor Colby Covington disagreed with a tweet by Jon Anik and chose to caution the UFC analyst that “I do not desire your kids to mature without a father.” Belal Muhammad, the fighter Anik discussed in the preliminary tweet that made Covington’s ire, spoke with MMA Fighting and had this to state: “You’re coming at a person like Jon Anik, who is the best person on the planet, and why? Due to the fact that Jon Anik provided me an interview?” Muhammad stated. “You’re calling him a racist. You’re calling him this and you’re threatening a man like Jon Anik? I informed Jon, I texted Jon and I stated I can’t wait to come to Miami in 2 weeks due to the fact that I’m cornering my colleague Ignacio Bahamondes, and I want I see Colby there. I want that he even takes a look at Jon in a particular method of disrespect. I swear I’m going to stroll right approximately him and slap him right in his mouth. “Because when you’re coming at people like that, when you simply got battered outside the cage and you’re like, ‘Call the polices!’– you’re sobbing and now you’re threatening an analyst, and you’re acting all this difficult talk today to a man like Jon Anik? It simply pisses me off.” There’s a lot more to the back story here because the UFC has actually been attempting to book Covington vs Muhammad for a long time. According to Belal, the promo wished to schedule him and Covington to coach a season of The Ultimate Fighter however Covington decreased the chance. Once again according to Muhammad, the UFC then attempted to schedule the set to take on at UFC 286 in London however Covington as soon as again decreased. Muhammad had a couple of more option words for the male he can’t appear to discover in the Octagon, “Let’s see how difficult you are when I concern your city. Let’s see how difficult you are when I’m really in front of you. Let’s see how hard you are when I remain in your face.”

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