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Bel Powley says she was “inappropriately” touched by a senior crew member in her early 20s


Bel Powley said a senior crew member on a project she worked on when she was younger “touched me inappropriately.”

During a recent interview with The independent, The morning show actress described her experience working in the industry in her early twenties.

“I had someone grab my butt and actually touch me inappropriately before…” Powley said. “I was too scared to say anything. I was too scared to rock the boat.

After the incident, the Everything I know about love actress said she “just avoided that person, and it was fine,” but she credits the #MeToo movement for changing the industry and helping women feel protected.

“It was weird at the beginning of #MeToo,” she added. “For a while it was like I felt protected because men are just scared, which was also fine, but now everything has taken care of itself. People have learned and it’s like there’s a new code of conduct.”

The A little light actress opened up about a positive experience she’s had on set – filming intimacy scenes for 2015’s The diary of a teenage girl. Compared to other indie projects she has worked on, Powley said she “had some bad projects where everyone was too awkward to ask you to take your clothes off, and you didn’t write it right in the contract.”

She continued, “It’s low-budget, indie, guerrilla style shots. You’re outside. and suddenly it’s the scene where you have to undress and simulate sex, and then you find yourself doing it just because you’re too scared to say no, with a young actor who probably felt just as uncomfortable.

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