Harry and Meghan's engagement excitement in a BBC interview was clear for all to see in a series of candid and funny shots not shown to the millions who watched in Britain and later around the world in 2017

Banter-filled behind the scenes footage from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s 2017 engagement interview with the BBC appears to undermine their claims it was ‘orchestrated’ and ‘rehearsed’.

British media and public were charmed by the Duke’s easy relationship to his then-wife-tobe, who had told Mishal Husain: “His family’s so welcoming.”

Five years ago, the couple fell in love at Kensington Palace. They described how the stars aligned when they met. Both waxed lyrical about how the ‘wonderful Prince William and his wife Kate had loved their relationship.

At one point Meghan rested her chin on her fist while looking adoringly at her now husband, who could not help but smile back while being filmed for their first TV interview together. They also laughed, made funny faces and joked with the BBC cameras about Meghan’s inability to finish his sentences.

Yesterday’s third episode of the Sussexes Netflix documentary, which was released yesterday, Meghan called the interview an “orchestrated reality series” and stated that it was “rehearsed”, much to the dismay of Ms Husain.

In a series of funny and candid shots, Harry and Meghan’s excitement over their engagement was evident in a BBC interview.

There Was Lots Of Horseplay In Between Takes Where Meghan Fit Her Hand On Her Chin And Smiled Mischievously When Harry, Who Also Mucked About, Joked About His Then Fiancee Finishing His Sentences

There Was Lots Of Horseplay In Between Takes Where Meghan Fit Her Hand On Her Chin And Smiled Mischievously When Harry, Who Also Mucked About, Joked About His Then Fiancee Finishing His Sentences

There was lots of horseplay in between takes where Meghan fit her hand on her chin and smiled mischievously when Harry, who also mucked about, joked about his then fiancée finishing his sentences

1670604995 112 Behind The Scenes Footage From Harry And Meghan Bbc Interview

Yesterday’s docu-series titled the engagement interview “orchestrated reality” and Meghan stated that it was.

The BBC broadcaster gasped when she heard this claim on live radio yesterday morning, before declaring that her memories may differ. These are the exact words used by Queen Elizabeth to contest the claims made by her grandson in 2021 by his wife to Oprah.

BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell then waded in on the debate around the Sussexes’ allegations, branding it ‘absurd’ that the media were ‘out to destroy’ her.

When footage between takes of the 2017 interview emerged, MailOnline lifted the lid on Harry and Meghan’s off-mic antics including a number of tender jokes about the Suits star not letting him get a word in edgeways.

The couple’s engagement excitement was obvious to all, as you can see in the candid and funny footage not shown to millions worldwide when the interview was conducted five years ago in November.

Harry and Meghan were seen laughing, joking, and chatting with each others, Mishal Husain, the interviewer, and other people off-screen.

The microphones were switched off but expert lipreader Tina Lannin told MailOnline that Harry was ribbing his then fiancée for interrupting him.

While he was thought to be talking about their Botswana safari last summer, Meghan cuts across him and says: ‘It took five days, yeah.

Harry shared their relaxed relationship and said to her: “She wants me to do something’ and then saying “Goddammit” while slapping his legs in faux outrage. After Meghan apologizes and laughs, “Do it again!”‘.

Ms Lannin also spoke out about the happy couple and described the moment they fell for each other.

Miss Markle said that it took six months. We knew. Before Harry added that ‘The relationship there was, we both knew that there was something there which was solid, solid, and so powerful. We were willing to give it a shot.

The interview contains their courtship, which is different in the new Netflix series.  

Harry told Mishal that he proposed in the kitchen at Kensington Palace during a’standard night’. Meghan said that it was a roast chicken. Roasting a chicken. It was an incredible surprise. It was sweet, natural, and very romantic. He ‘I got down on one knee. 

She Addition: “As a matter-of-fact, I could barely leave you finish proposing. So I said – can we say yes now? 

They Were Unable To Contain Their Laughter And Excitement In Footage Cut From The Interview With The Bbc

In footage taken from an interview with BBC, they couldn’t contain their laughter and excitement.

Harry Makes A Funny Face And Makes Meghan Laugh Out Loud In Footage Not Shown At The Time

Harry is funny and makes Meghan laugh.

In episode two of Netflix’s series, Harry reveals that he actually popped the question in the garden outside the cottage. He was using a picnic rug and 15 electric candles to surround him. Meghan was able to call Jess, a friend, to record the moment. Meghan was able to capture a souvenir video of the “joyful” scene.

While Harry and Meghan have a strained relationship with William & Kate, they thanked their neighbours at Kensington Palace at the time. Meghan called her sister in law ‘wonderful. Harry said that both William and Kate were ‘amazing’.

Harry spoke about how he kept their relationship secret before introducing Meghan. He She said, “It was exciting. I had been seeing her for some time and didn’t tell anyone.

“And then William longed to meet her and so was Catherine. We managed to get that in a couple, well, quite some times now. Catherine has been absolutely amazing as has William. They have also provided fantastic support.

Ms Markle stated that Kate was a “very special person.”She’s been wonderful.’ Harry spoke about the support that his family had provided him. 

Harry stated that Harry and his family have been a solid support throughout the entire process. Harry also mentioned that Harry’s grandparents have been wonderful and have known Harry for a long time.

BBC journalists have hit out at Meghan and Harry’s Netflix show with Radio 4’s Mishal Husain and BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell wading in on the debate around the Sussexes’ allegations. 

Ms Husain, radio host, stated that’recollections might vary’ in response Meghan and Harry’s claim that her 2017 interview with them following their engagement was a’staged’ one.

It came as Mr Witchell also branded Meghan Markle’s claim that anyone was ‘out to destroy’ her as ‘absurd’. He Quoted one of Meghan Markle’s statements from the Netflix documentary yesterday: They would still find a way of destroying me, no matter what I did. 

Mr Witchell stated that the Duchess was referring to his allegation. It is the Palace, and most importantly the press. The idea that anyone wanted to destroy her frankly, however, I find absurd and it simply doesn’t stand up to proper scrutiny.

BBC journalist Ms Husain was presenting BBC Radio 4’s Today programme when she was confronted with Meghan’s allegation about their engagement interview being ‘rehearsed’. 

“We know that recollections can vary on this subject, but our recollection is definitely very strong: I was asked to do an interview and did it,” Ms Husain stated.

Meghan and Harry were happy to sit down with Mishal Husain, an experienced BBC journalist, in November 2017. They talked about how they met and fell in love. 

The interview received a positive response and was, on the face of things, a PR success, cementing the couple’s popularity with the British public. 

Meghan And Harry Sat Down For An In Depth Interview With Experienced Bbc Broadcaster Mishal Husain In November 2017

Meghan and Harry had an in-depth interview in November 2017 with Mishal Husain, a BBC broadcaster.

The Interview Came After They Posed For Photographs During A Photocall

After they had taken photographs during a photocall, the interview took place. 

Instead, Netflix viewers are told that the interview was part a ‘orchestrated reality series’. The Duchess of Sussex claims that it was rehearsed. 

Later, she added: “We weren’t allowed tell our story because they didn’t want to.” 

Harry agrees with Harry: “We are not allowed telling our story.” That’s true. That’s the consistency.

Meghan And Harry Sat Down For An In Depth Interview With Experienced Bbc Broadcaster Mishal Husain In November 2017 (Here Ms Husain Is Pictured In 2019)

Meghan and Harry had an in-depth interview with Mishal Husain, an experienced BBC broadcaster in November 2017. (here Ms Husain is shown in 2019).

BBC vigorously refuted this allegation. 

Radio 4’s Ms Husain spoke to World Yesterday at One, we had a conversation before meeting Harry and Meghan at Kensington Palace. We talked about the interview and what they were comfortable sharing.

‘After After that, we set up our cameras. After they had finished their photocall, we set up our cameras and recorded a 20-minute interview.

Lord Hall, the former director general of BBC, issued a statement in defense of Ms Husain’s journalism. 

It claims that Meghan’s claim of an “organised reality show” interview is’simply false’.

The broadcaster’s royal correspondent Mr Witchell described the docu-series as ‘relatively benign so far’ as he appeared on the News at Six last night.

“Now, if you were to watch these three hours without all of the surrounding noise, you might think that this was a touching love story about a couple seeking happiness. But of course, there is no escape from the surrounding noise,” he said. 

‘And I think Buckingham Palace on the central and most central and most sensitive issue of race will be relieved there is no new explicit allegation against the royal family – though Harry does say there is a huge level of unconscious bias.

‘His main complaint – and it is a familiar one – is of press intrusion. This suggests that there is, in fact, a conspiracy between Palace and press. That is where credibility gets stretched beyond what is reasonable, I believe.

Mr Witchell Described The Docu-Series As 'Relatively Benign So Far' As He Appeared On Bbc News

As he appeared on BBC News, Mr Witchell described the docuseries as “relatively benign thus far”.

Meghan And Harry Shared Never-Before-Seen Photos And Videos In Their Netflix Documentary

Harry and Meghan shared never-before-seen videos and photos in their Netflix documentary

The Couple Say They Haven'T Been Able To Tell Their Story - Until Now - As The First Episodes Were Released

The couple claim that they haven’t been able tell their story since the first episodes were released.

Their Documentary Covers The Start Of Their Relationship And The Early Days Of Dating

Their documentary shows their relationship at the beginning and early days of dating.

‘Consider one of the things that Meghan said – ‘no matter what I did they were still going to find a way to destroy me.’ 

“The first point to whom is she referring? It is most likely the Palace, but it is also the press. 

“But the idea she was being targeted by anyone to destroy her frankly, I find absurd and it simply doesn’t stand against proper and reasonable scrutiny.”

He stated that Harry and Meghan ‘obviously believe they are victims’.

He Later, he appeared on News at 10, where he described Meghan & Harry as ‘a couple that continue to divide opinion very sharply.

“It’s a couple that could not or wouldn’t fit into the accepted British royal family template.

“Supporters I believe will see these films, and regard them as touching love stories, a couple seeking happiness under difficult circumstances.

“Critics” will see the films as evidence of their indulgence and self obsession.

He said: ‘Royal officials who were assigned to them tried desperately to help them. They found it extremely difficult. Yet, it is the Sussexes that believe they are the victims.