Beginner’s Guide to MiniFootball & Analysis of its Price Prediction

MiniFootball is a crypto-powered football manager game that combines blockchain technology with the world’s favorite sport. 

The game features its own currency called MiniFootball Coin. Players earn these coins by playing games and are able to use them to purchase items in-game. The MiniFootball Coin token (MFX) is built on Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard, meaning that it can be stored in your wallet or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies at any time.

In general, cryptocurrencies and the Play To Earn domain have attracted many users to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This article will go into some detail on the token, how it works, and what you need to know to decide whether or not to buy the MiniFootball tokens.

What is MiniFootBall?

Football Fan joined the cryptocurrency arena when it began selling Fan Tokens. These tokens allow sports fans to participate in sports club decisions using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. 

MiniFootBall is a cryptocurrency that allows users to earn money by playing MiniFootBall, a mobile-game-style video game. The project was unveiled in 2021 on the BNB network. It might be strange to see a picture of the famous Dogecoin dog next to a soccer ball, but that is exactly the goal of this project. 

MiniFootBall wants to build the largest crypto community and offer a new reward system to experienced and new users in the field. They are looking to bring together a mix of football fans and the Dogecoin community and leverage their full potential.

The game features its own currency called MiniFootball Coin. Players earn these coins by playing games and are able to use them to purchase items in-game. The MiniFootball Coin token (MFX) is built on Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard, meaning that it can be stored in your wallet or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies at any time.

MTF Tokens Can be Used for Different Purposes

The main use case of MTF tokens is to allow players to buy in-game items, such as game boosters and power-ups. That’s not all; MTF can also be used to pay for in-game services, such as purchasing exclusive avatars or customized jerseys. 

Another use case of MTF is to enable players to purchase entirely new in-game merchandise, such as a special ball or an exclusive gear to help you make the best team possible. 

Finally, MTF can be used by players and MiniFootball fans alike to purchase real-life merchandise through the marketplace, including branded swag-like hoodies and pens!

How to Invest in the Project?

First and foremost, you can invest in this project by staking your MTF tokens in your Ethereum wallet (Metamask) or Waves desktop client wallet. 

There’s a minimum amount of 2500MFT required for staking participation at this time but the longer you stake your MFTs the more bonuses you will receive – so it will be smart if you choose long-term stakes! For example, you can get 4% per month if you stake your MFTs for 12 months!

What’s more; you can also take advantage of MTF token airdrop by completing simple tasks. These include getting on the game’s official Telegram channel and following them on Twitter, which can earn up to 150 MTF tokens for free!

 MTF has also announced its own exchange, called MTFX. It will be a centralized exchange that supports fiat-to-crypto trading, with fiat onramps, and will be regulated. They also have a debit card in production that is expected to launch later this year.

This makes it easier for them to raise money by offering revenue shares and other investment options, even though they are not going through a public sale. As a result of this partnership with MTF, there will be no ICO or pre-sale of any kind, so investors that want to acquire tokens can do so only after the actual launch of the project.

MiniFootBall Basic Tokenomics 

In the tokenomics section, the fee for holders was previously set at 3%, but this has now been changed to 4%. There is another item added to development affairs called payment fees, which allocates 2% of the transactions to project development. 

Tokenomics and site information that contradicts the whitepaper can negatively affect a token’s perception of the market. The whitepaper is a document that provides information on a project before it is released; the MiniFootball white paper did not provide much in the way of useful information.

MiniFootBall Tokens Buy and Sell 

One thing that plays an important role in accepting a project is its listing in centralized and decentralized exchanges. Currently, the MiniFootBall token is listed only in the centralized LBank exchange and the decentralized exchange Pancake Swap, and users can buy and sell Minifootball codes through these two exchanges. 

Given that a year has passed and the implementation date of programs in the roadmap is not clear, we have to wait for the token of this game to be listed in other exchanges.

MiniFootBall Token Price Analysis

It is currently ranked # 4694 with a price of $ 0.00000000000063, with the supply in circulation and the total supply uncertain. The Minifootball has a full market value of $ 6.31 million. Currently, Minifootball has dropped 5.06% in the last 24 hours. Its last 24-hour volume is $ 49.63 thousand, which is impressive.

The Minifootball price is expected to exceed $ 0.0…39503, and by the end of the year, the Minifootball will reach 0.0 … 17769. The chart below shows the Minifootball forecast for 2022 and 2023.


The chart below also shows the trend of changes in the price of Minifootball tokens until 2030.



At the moment, talking about blockchain games and making money from them is the market trend. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, various projects in this field want to attract users. MiniFootBall also intends to take advantage of the football fever and the Dogecoin-friendly crypto community, according to its stated goal. 

That’s why we need to pay attention to the following about MiniFootBall:

  • Opaque tokenomics
  • Extremely low price of MiniFootBall token
  • High supply of MiniFootball currency
  • Audit by a not-so-famous team
  • Listing in only two exchanges after 1 year from the start of the project
  • Poor branding of the MiniFootBall project

A free or low-cost entry into a project should not be the main reason for participating. In addition, the low price of mini-football currency should not be a tempting factor to invest in this project.

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