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Before Diablo 4 comes out, there’s probably going to be a bit of Diablo 4 in World of Warcraft – WhatsNew2Day


A little Diablo in WoW? A leak indicates exactly that.

Hard-working data detectives discovered a clue to a possible event in World of Warcraft. That could revolve around Diablo 4, which also comes from Blizzard. It wouldn’t be the first time the developer has been promoting it in this way either.

The data was noticed by the colleagues from the website Wowhead. You can hardly provide any more information, for example the possible release date is still in the dark. But they can present a fancy, kinda damn cute, diabolical billy goat named Baal’ial.

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But there is still a little information: The event should Winds of Sanctuary be called. What it is about, how it is formed in World of Warcraft and what rewards there are remains open.

what could it go?

If the information is correct, we expect thematic quests in WoW, possibly a cameo appearance of well-known characters from Diablo 4, playable goodies … and let’s be honest, the two worlds can be combined well if you adjust the different tonalities a bit.

There may be goodies such as mounts, pets or skins for one or even both titles. The pet shown above almost certainly belongs to WoW, as can be seen from the colorful and… cuddly style.

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What’s happening in Diablo 4?

After the beta phase, the world of action role-playing players is now waiting for the release of Diablo 4 on June 6th, 2023. If you need all the information about Diablo 4, we have summarized it for you.

Our author and Diablo enthusiast Christian Schwarz had so much fun in the Diablo 4 beta that even his beloved Diablo 3 falls flat against it.

Our universal specialist, Sascha Penzhorn, wants to give up the double axes after the beta. He explains why that is in his column above.

And what do you think? Was the beta the bringer for you, a zero number or something in between? Would you be excited about a Diablo 4 WoW event? Feel free to write it in the comments.

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