Become one of the creators, join DUSD Group

So far, there have been months of questions and confusion about our latest products, plans, and initiatives. We guarantee script advancement and will try to link moving parts behind the scenes to the Digitex City vision.

Are you aware that our brand has changed on our social media? Today we will tell you more about using DUSD to our advantage. We invite you to DUSD

Offering your own DGTX to build a DUSD not only helps increase demand for DGTX and reduce supply, but it also receives generous daily rewards. DUSD manufacturers can expect approximately 5-10% of their own investment compare with your bank account!

In addition to creating a DUSD, you also have a chance to get the most out of crypto to have a passive way of earning or borrowing DUSD. To do this, select the DGTX ratio 10: 1.

In addition to futures, currency, and stock markets, DUSD allows you to buy DUSD bonds that pay a fixed daily amount in DGTH. Also, you can get a very attractive bonus if you buy the DUSD device manually or with sticks on one of the bags. Skilled traders who take advantage of small price fluctuations have great opportunities for arbitrage, selling DUSD for more than 1 and buying again for 1.

So don’t forget the very high APY offered by the new Uniswap Rewards DUSD program. By placing DUSD and USDC bonds and earning a daily income in the DGTX fund, you can choose a very stable investment tool. Or you can get liquidity from the DGTX DUSD market and make a steady profit from DGTX.

Join a group of designers

Development is definitely the starting point of DUSD and it is the mediator of the whole program of generosity and deep solvency. We need to create as much liquidity as possible in all the new markets we produce. Therefore, we invite all of you to take an active part in the development of DUSD.

What is the next step? Join the creative group of a group of DUSD enthusiasts.

The new group will be available in the Tipox Connect area of Tipox from December 15th. To join this group, open our support card through our 24-hour hotline or simply ask one of our Telegram administrators.

Finally, we know that some of you may be concerned about the security of your property in the first Digitex City Beta. That is why we want to make your thoughts easier. Wallet security should not be a problem, because it is not a new system. There have been no security issues since April. Although we expect some shortcomings and inconsistencies, new features added to the stock market do not pose a risk to your stock market assets.

Digitex community will always be there for you. Let’s now work together to make this the biggest and best exchange in the crypto space. SmartDek also shares development data that is open to the public and understandable for all communities.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Digitex Connect. Submit your comments to the new Digitex City team. Our community leaders will be happy to answer any questions or concerns we may have about our products. Digitex Futures, Digitex Connect, DGTX Rewards, or Digitex City Plans Future.