Beatles Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney are joined by a host of stars at documentary premiere

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr of the Beatles were joined by a host stars, including Elton John and David Furnish, as they celebrated Monday’s premiere of If These Walls Can Sing.

Paul, 80 years old, looked dapper wearing a black coat with a matching shirt. Nancy 63 years old put on a stunning show in all-black while carrying her belongings in a matching leather clutch.

Also at the Disney+ event, held at London’s Abbey Road Studios, Ringo, 82, looked suave in a black coat while flashing a peace sign towards photographers as he attended with his wife Barbara Bach, 75.

Gang: Beatles Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney were joined by a host of stars including Elton John, David Furnish and Twiggy as they celebrated the documentary premiere of If These Walls Could Sing on Monday (L-R: Barbara Bach, Ringo, David, Elton, Giles Martin, Twiggy and Leigh Lawson)

Actress Barbara added colour to the event by wearing a red poloneck, which she layered underneath a black jacket and paired with trousers.

Stella McCartney (51), Paul’s fashion designer-daughter, wore a brown coat and paired it with a matching top and leather boots. James McCartney, Paul’s son and musician, kept warm in a green padded coat. 

Elsewhere Mary McCartney, who cut a chic figure in a black minidress and a sparkly necklace, embraced her father’s bandmate Ringo and seemed delighted to see him.

Couple: Paul, 80, Who Looked Dapper In A Black Coat And A Coordinating Shirt, Posed Alongside His Wife Nancy, 63, Who Put On A Stunning Display In All-Black While Toting Her Essentials Around In A Coordinating Leather Clutch

Old Pals: Elsewhere Mary Mccartney, Who Cut A Chic Figure In A Black Minidress And A Sparkly Necklace, Embraced Her Father'S Bandmate Ringo And Seemed Delighted To See Him

Couple: Paul, 80, looked dapper in a black jacket and coordinating shirt while posing with his wife Nancy, 64 (left image). Mary McCartney, who wore a black minidress and embraced her father Ringo (right photo)

Gorgeous: Businesswoman Nancy Put On A Stunning Display In All-Black While Toting Her Essentials Around In A Coordinating Leather Clutch

Gorgeous: Businesswoman Nancy put on a stunning display in all-black while toting her essentials around in a coordinating leather clutch

Happy: The Photographer, 53 Seemed Delighted To See The 82-Year-Old At The Disney+ Event In London

Happy: The 53-year old photographer seemed thrilled to see the 82 years-old at the Disney+ London event 

Fashionista: She Cut A Chic Figure In A Black Minidress And A Sparkly Necklace

Trendy: She Added Inches With A Pair Of Black Boots

Fashionista: She A black minidress and a sparkling necklace will make you look chic.

Ashley Graham Flashes Her Tummy In A Purple Bikini

Woah! Mary Had Flawlessly Applied A Full Face Of Make-Up To Enhance Her Natural Beauty

Woah! Mary applied flawlessly a full face make-up to enhance her natural beauty.

If These Walls Could Sing tells the story of Abbey Road, which is still considered the heart of the music industry.

The synopsis says, “In this personal film, Mary McCartney leads us through nine decades to experience the creative magic that made it the most famous, longest-running studio in all of the world.”

The documentary features all-star performances from Noel Gallagher, Elton John, and Paul McCartney. It also includes archival footage and session taps.

Loved-Up: Ringo, Who Attended With His Wife Barbara Bach, 75, Looked Suave In A Black Coat While Flashing A Peace Sign Towards Photographers

Loved-up: Ringo, who attended with his wife Barbara Bach, 75, looked suave in a black coat while flashing a peace sign towards photographers

Beauty: Actress Barbara Added A Pop Of Colour To The Event With A Red Polo Neck, Which She Layered Beneath A Black Jacket While Sporting Trousers

Show-Stopping: Ringo Looked Ever Cool While Accessorising With A Pair Of Sunglasses

Beauty: Actress Barbara added a pop of colour to the event with a red polo neck, which she layered beneath a black jacket while sporting trousers

Peace Out: The Couple Continued To Pose For Photographers

Be at ease: The couple continued to pose with photographers

The synopsis concludes that “These conversations, paired avec vivid archive footage, and session tapes give exclusive access to these famedly private studios,” 

The streaming platform will release If These Walls Could sing on December 16.

It follows The Beatles: Get Back’s success, a Disney+ documentary directed and produced by Peter Jackson, multi-Academy Award-winner.

Confident: Paul'S Fashion Designer Daughter Stella Mccartney, 51, Wrapped Up In A Brown Coat, Which She Teamed Up With A Coordinating Top And Leather Boots

Out Of This World: She Never Fails To Look Sensational

Confident: Paul’s fashion designer daughter Stella McCartney, 51, wrapped up in a brown coat, which she teamed up with a coordinating top and leather boots

Glam: Stella Had Flawlessly Applied A Full Face Of Make-Up To Enhance Her Natural Beauty

Glam: Stella had flawlessly applied a full face of make-up to enhance her natural beauty

Cold? Paul'S Son James Mccartney Kept Warm With A Green Padded Coat

Cold? Cold?

Family: Stella, Paul And Mary Posed For A Fun-Filled Group Shot

Family: Stella, Paul and Mary posed for a fun-filled group shot

Happy: They All Seemed To Be In High Spirits

Happy: They seemed all to be in good spirits

The film allowed fans to see inside the January 1969 recording sessions of the British band, which “became a pivotal point in music history.” 

At the 2022 ceremony The Beatles: Back won five Creative Arts Emmys, including the prestigious ‘Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction series’ award. 

After receiving mixed responses from fans, Peter Jackson defend the remarkable running time of his docuseries On The Beatles.

Doting Dad: Paul Placed A Tender Arm Around His Daughters Stella (Left) And Mary (Right)

Doting father: Paul wrapped his arms around Stella (left) & Mary (right).

Serious: They Each Shot A Stern Expression Towards The Cameras

Serious: Each of them shot a serious expression towards the cameras

Daughter: Mary (Right) Placed An Arm On Paul'S Chest

Daughter: Mary (right), placed an arm on Paul’s chest

The director collated more than 60 hours of footage from Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s 1970 film Let It Be, documenting the band’s fractious recording sessions for what would be their final album.

The result is three episodes lasting 468 minutes. Some fans claim it is too long.

Jackson’s latest project is so long that it has divided Disney+ viewers. One commented: “Watched all of Get Back!” I think it was too long, but for hxc Beatles lovers, it was. But, for me, it could be cut to 2 hours easily.

Team: Giles Martin, Mary, Ringo And Barbara (L-R) Flashed Peace Signs

Team: Giles Martin (L-R), Mary, Ringo, and Barbara (L – R) flashed peace signs

Friends: They All Seemed To Be In High Spirits

Friends: They were all in high spirits

Cute: Paul And Nancy Looked Like The Perfect Couple

Cute: Paul & Nancy looked like the perfect couple

Stunner: Nancy Wore Her Light Brown Tresses In A Middle Parting

Stunner: Nancy wore light brown hair in a middle parting

Another joked that he had seen “The Beatles Get Back.” I will have a much shorter review in the next couple days.

A third person added: “I love #TheBeatles, but the #GetBack document was long and boring. It was presented as though we were watching a master painter paint a masterpiece. In reality, it was like watching him buy the paint before actually painting. It wasn’t, according to The Beatles Anthology. I want my 8 hours back.

Others were more positive about the series’ response, with one tweeting: “Peter Jackson’s new documentary #GetBack, the last days of #Beatles, is brilliant. It’s a time-consuming investment, but it’s worth it. It’s especially important when the Blue It’s not uncommon for meanies to show up. (You’ll have the opportunity to see).

What A Pair! James Was Joined By A Female Guest, Who Wore A Brown Faux Fur Coat

What a couple! James was joined by a female guest who wore a brown faux fur jacket.

Posing: He Continued His Ensemble With A Pair Of Black Trousers

Posing: He Continue his ensemble with a pair black trousers

Leggy: Also In Attendance Was Melanie C Who Flashed Her Legs In A Black-And-Blue Minidress

Low-Key: Sharleen Spiteri Opted For A Plaid Overshirt

Leggy: Also in attendance was Melanie C (left) who flashed her legs in a black-and-blue minidress while Sharleen Spiteri (right) opted for a plaid overshirt

Wowzers! Melanie Flashed Her Black Bra Beneath The Revealing Dress

Wowzers! Melanie wore a black bra underneath the revealing dress

Another wrote: ‘The Beatles Get Back tapes was an amazing visualization of genius creating art and building out a legacy within the span of 22 days, I’m absolutely speechless.’

A third fan expressed gratitude for the band’s use Billy Preston, who played keyboards in Get Back.

“How great is The Beatles get back documentary? All geniuses. Billy Preston is an undiscovered hero. They said that they were the most happy men alive.

Buddies Mike Kerr And Ben Thatcher (L-R) Shot Serious Expressions

Buddies Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher (L-R) shot serious expressions

Chic: Celeste Looked Incredible In A Quirky Outfit

Edgy: Daphne Guinness Cut A Futuristic Figure

Chic: Celeste (left) looked incredible in a quirky outfit while Daphne Guinness (right) cut a futuristic figure

Jackson claims that Lindsay-Hogg’s footage was used liberally by Jackson, which is essential as it could be lost for 50 more years.

He Submitted NME: ‘I’d like to say that I didn’t really leave out anything that I thought was important. That is why the duration is what it is today.

‘I felt acutely – and this is the Beatles fan part of me kicking in – anything I don’t include in this movie might go back in the vault for another 50 years.

Hello! Paul Waved Towards Onlookers As He Arrived At At Abbey Road Studios

Casual: He Completed His Get-Up With A Pair Of Black Trainers With White Soles

Hello! Paul waved towards onlookers as he arrived at at Abbey Road Studios

Arriving: Paul And Nancy Can Be Seen Making Their Way Into The Swanky Hotspot

Arriving: Nancy and Paul can be seen making their way to the hotspot.

Elegant: Mary Wore A Pair Of Black Tights And Coordinating Boots

Putting On A Show: Ringo Continued To Flash Peace Signs

Elegant: Mary wore a pair of black tights and coordinating boots and Ringo continued to flash peace signs

“I was seeing and hearing these incredible moments. I thought: “God, people must see this. This is amazing. They must see it.”

He Addition: “One of the most iconic Beatles things is the full length Dig It. On the Let It Be album there’s only 40, 50 seconds of Dig It, which was like an improvised song that they do. Beatles fans know that the original is also available on bootleg.

‘We trimmed it to get it down to four minutes or something because the original is 12 or 13 minutes long… So you get a lot more than you do on the Let It Be album.’

Adorable: Ringo And Barbara Walked Hand-In-Hand Into The Venue

Adorable: Ringo & Barbara walked hand in hand into the venue

Emerging: Noel Gallagher'S Daughter Anais Was Also In Attendance

Emerging: Noel Gallagher’s daughter Anais was also in attendance

During the docuseries, The Beatles: Get Back, viewers were left confused by a warning about smoking at the beginning of Disney+.

Each episode opens with a warning about explicit language, mature themes, and smoking.

The three-part-series takes viewers back to 1970, when the band recorded intimately and performed for their final album, Let It Be.

One fan posted online in reaction: ‘I liked the warning on Get Back… SMOKING. Casablanca should be canceled on this basis.

Grinning: : Barbara, Ringo, Paul And Nancy (L-R) Are Pictured Inside

Grinning: : Barbara, Ringo, Paul and Nancy (L-R) are pictured inside

Star-Studded: Ringo, Paul, Elton And Mary (L-R) Placed An Arm Around Each Other'S Shoulders

Star-studded: Ringo, Paul, Elton and Mary (L-R) placed an arm around each other’s shoulders

Happy: They Each Grinned From Ear To Ear

Happy: They smiled from one ear to the other.

Reunited: Old Pals Ringo (Left) And Paul (Right) Were Pictured Together

Reunited: Paul and Ringo, their old pals, were pictured together

Friends: Stella And Ringo Cuddled Up For A Happy Picture

Buddies: Paul And Photographer Jill Furmanovsky Cosied Up For A Shot

Friends: Stella and Ringo cuddled up for a happy picture (left) while Paul and photographer Jill Furmanovsky cosied up for a shot (right)

Another member pointed out that the smoking alert was odd, as the members of the band were drug-users at one time.

A third wrote, “Get Back was worth it.” Because of time constraints, I am only able to watch episode 2 part-way. I have to laugh at the disclaimer regarding people who smoke. This warning is unnecessary. How fragile is society! It’s a goddamned cigarette. It’s a terrible habit.

Another user reacted, saying: Watching the Beatles doc #GetBack there is actually a trigger warning: This footage contains explicit language and mature themes and smoking. Seriously?’

MailOnline reached out to Disney+ for comment. 

All-Star: The Documentary Features All-Star Appearances From The Likes Of Elton John, Noel Gallagher And Paul (Pictured), Along With Archival Footage And Session Tapes

All-star: The documentary features all-star appearances from the likes of Elton John, Noel Gallagher and Paul (pictured), along with archival footage and session tapes

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