Beaming Florence Pugh promotes new film The Wonder in LA – after Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde split

Florence Pugh looked sensational on Sunday when she arrived for a question and answer session for her new movie The Wonder in Los Angeles.

It comes after news broke that Olivia Wilde had split from her boyfriend of two years, singer Harry Styles, on Friday night.

The 26-year-old actress showed off her impeccable style in a low-cut white backless jumpsuit with green detailing.

In Style: Florence Pugh Looked Sensational In A Backless White Jumpsuit On Sunday When She Arrived For A Q&A For Her New Movie The Wonder In Los Angeles

In style: Florence Pugh looked sensational in a backless white jumpsuit on Sunday when she arrived for a Q&A for her new movie The Wonder in Los Angeles

Florence increased her height with a pair of chunky white heels, while carrying an elegant brown bag.

The star accessorized with dainty gold jewelry and went for a glam makeup look with a hint of pink lipstick.

She wore her short golden hair in a loose style and greeted her fans when she arrived at the event.

Florence, who starred with Harry, 28, in the recent flop Don’t Worry Darling, is said to have shared a kiss during the making of the film.

Radiant: The Actress, 26, Increased Her Height In A Pair Of Chunky White Heels As She Greeted Her Fans

Radiant: The actress, 26, increased her height in a pair of chunky white heels as she greeted her fans

Olivia, 38, also starred in and directed the film, but the kiss is said to have happened before she and Harry were officially together.

However, the kiss sparked rumors of a feud between her and Florence that continued long after the film cameras stopped rolling.

It has also been cited as a possible reason for Olivia and Harry’s split after a two-year romance.

Sources close to Harry say that Olivia had been aware of the kiss and his close friendship with Florence, and that it had always been “a problem” in the relationship, and another factor behind his decision to finally call it off.

A source told The Mail on Sunday: “While news of the kiss has only just broken, Olivia knew about it and it was addressed, but none of it was easy.” The three of them were working together, and of course, then Florence was there to see Harry and Olivia reunite.

Romance: Florence, Who Starred With Harry, 28, In The Recent Flop Don'T Worry Darling, Is Said To Have Shared A Kiss During The Making Of The Film.

Romance: Florence, who starred with Harry, 28, in the recent flop Don’t Worry Darling, is said to have shared a kiss during the making of the film.

The kiss is said to have long been a “tough business” between the pair, despite Olivia and Harry blaming their hectic touring schedule as the reason for their split.

The couple reportedly agonized for weeks over the decision to part ways. Last Thursday, Olivia was in the audience with her two young children to see Harry perform with his band in Los Angeles.

Publicly, the couple highlight how Harry’s tour would have made it nearly impossible for them to spend time together until it ends in Italy in July next year.

Olivia is said to be unable to accompany him because she needs to stay in Los Angeles with her eight-year-old son Otis and six-year-old daughter Daisy, the fruit of her nine-year relationship with American movie star Jason Sudeikis.

It was also said that she and Harry were struggling to agree on which side of the Atlantic they would make their home. But there were suggestions that other factors were at play, including Styles’ close friendship with co-star Pugh that culminated in that kiss.

Split: The Former One Direction Singer (Left) And Olivia (Right) Have Split After Two Years Together

Ex: The Mail On Sunday Revealed That This Kiss Had Long Been A

Split: The former One Direction singer (left) and Olivia (right) have split after two years together

It happened after they met on the set of the movie Don’t Worry Darling in March 2020.

‘There were three of them working together day in and day out, the director and the two main characters. The two stars kiss, then one of them hooks up with the boss. It is the stuff of nightmares. Those things can put a lot of pressure on relationships.

Things got easier once filming wrapped, but it was noted how the Oxford-born Florence backed out of a series of planned interviews and skipped the press conference and photo call to promote the film at the Film Festival. Venice cinema in September.

There was also a notable absence of mentions of the film on their social media accounts. Olivia publicly denied any breakup with Florence, however she said that she “had nothing but respect” for her talent and called her “fantastic”.

But whatever the truth, there were no public displays of affection on the red carpet in Venice. Florence hugged her co-stars and posed for selfies with fans and photographers, but she didn’t show any outward show of affection towards Olivia and Harry.

In an awkward group shot as the cast arrived for the premiere in the Big Room, Florence decided to walk away from the happy couple.

He then skipped dinner and instead went to Budapest, where he was filming his latest movie, Dune.

The news of Harry and Olivia’s split came as a shock to the couple’s friends who, despite the ten-year age difference between the couple, expected them to stay together for the foreseeable future.

When the relationship began in 2020 during the filming of Don’t Worry Darling, Olivia was still living with Sudeikis. She later insisted that her relationship with the American star had ended long before she got together with Harry.

Awkward: In An Awkward Group Shot As The Cast Arrived At The Premiere In The Big Room, Florence Decided To Stay Away From The Happy Couple

Awkward: In an awkward group shot as the cast arrived at the premiere in the Big Room, Florence decided to stay away from the happy couple

In keeping with the way their romance played out publicly, the couple used American entertainment magazine People to break the news of their split, a tactic deployed by many A-listers eager to “control the narrative.”

Just days before Harry is due to head off to South America for the next leg of his tour, a source told the publication that he and Olivia are “taking a break” as they have “different priorities keeping them apart.”

The source added: ‘He’s still on tour and now he’s going abroad. She is focusing on her children and her job in Los Angeles. It is a very friendly decision.

They are still very close. Right now, they have different priorities that keep them apart. Public pressure on them has been difficult. They have had ups and downs throughout the relationship.

Another source insisted there was “no bad blood” between Wilde and Styles, telling American gossip website Page Six: “Harry hasn’t left Olivia, or vice versa. This is the longest relationship Harry has ever had, for they clearly have a special bond.

They are on a break. It’s impossible to have a relationship when he’s on every continent next year and Olivia has her job and her kids. This is the right thing for both of you.

Family: Olivia Is Said To Be Unable To Accompany Styles On His Tour Because She Needs To Stay In Los Angeles With Her Eight-Year-Old Son Otis And Six-Year-Old Daughter Daisy, The Fruit Of Her Nine-Year Relationship With The American Movie Star Jason Sudeikis ( Pictured Together In 2018)

Family: Olivia is said to be unable to accompany Styles on his tour because she needs to stay in Los Angeles with her eight-year-old son Otis and six-year-old daughter Daisy, the fruit of her nine-year relationship with the American movie star Jason Sudeikis ( pictured together in 2018)

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