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Be a guest on Money Clinic podcast

The FT’s Money Clinic podcast will run a series of episodes tracking how the cost of living crisis affects people aged 20-40.

You could be . † †

  • Concerned about rising rental and utility bills

  • Struggling with the high cost of childcare

  • Trying to reach a financial milestone, such as buying a house

  • Thinking about moving jobs to increase your pay

  • Independent and concerned about the future of you and your company.

Presenter Claer Barrett mainly wants to talk to people who live and work in the UK and who regularly send money to relatives abroad.

Guests on the podcast are identified by their first name only. We can record you online, or you can travel to the FT’s London studio.

The time investment required is approximately one hour per month over a period of 5-6 months.

If that sounds like something you’d like to do, send a few lines about yourself and your situation to money@ft.com and mark your email as “podcast” and be sure to include a contact phone number.

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