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Bayreuth loses basement duel in Braunschweig


Bottom medi Bayreuth suffered a severe setback in the relegation battle of the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL).

At table-16. Löwen Braunschweig lost to coach Mladen Drijencic’s team on Holy Saturday with 89:101 (46:49) and failed to make up ground on the saving bank. With seven games left in the regular season, Bayreuth is three wins behind the Löwen.

In a game that was evenly balanced for a long time, Bayreuth was behind from the start, after the break the hosts pulled away decisively. The best thrower for the lions was David Krämer with 23 points, who exchanged blows with Bayreuth’s Brandon Childress (23) and Ahmed Hill (21).

After eight league defeats in a row, the Chemnitz 99ers celebrated a 76:72 (44:40) in table 15. Syntainics MBC Weissenfels. For Weißenfels, on the other hand, it was the sixth bankruptcy in a row.

Löwen Braunschweig – medi Bayreuth 101:89 (49:46). – Best throwers: Kramer (23), Cole (16), Bango (16), Sleva (14), Amaize (12) for Braunschweig – Childress (23), Hill (21), Livingston (18) for Bayreuth. – Viewers: 3029

EWE Baskets Oldenburg – Telekom Baskets Bonn 76:87 (39:35). – Best throwers: Drechsel (22 points), Holyfield (13), Teague (10) for Oldenburg – Herrera (18), Tadda (18), Shorts (13), Hawkins (11) for Bonn. – Viewers: 6040

MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg – Hakro Merlins Crailsheim 82:77 (41:37). – Best pitchers: Hubb (21 points), Polas Bartolo (13), Edigin (11), Miller (10) for Ludwigsburg – Lewis (16), Maxhuni (13) for Crailsheim. – Spectators: 4000

Syntainics MBC Weißenfels – Niners Chemnitz 72:76 (36:44). – Best throwers: Clyburn (31 points) for Weißenfels – Yebo (21), Susinskas (12), Clark (10), Osborne (10) for Chemnitz. – Viewers: 4450

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