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Bayern player’s wife goes public about affair.


At FC Bayern there is simply no peace these days. There are numerous scenes both on and off the pitch that cause a stir. Through defender Lucas Hernández, more precisely through his wife, there is now the next source of fire in Munich.

After his cruciate ligament rupture at the end of November last year, there was good news from Lucas Hernández around Easter. After countless hours in the rehabilitation center, the FC Bayern defender was back on the pitch for the first time and trained with the ball on Säbener Straße. But an Instagram message from his wife Amelia Lorente made the headlines.

Did Lucas Hernández cheat on his wife? A story post by Amelia Lorente on Instagram that can no longer be found, about which “Bild” reports, is currently doing the rounds.

In it, the Bayern defender’s 35-year-old spouse wrote in no uncertain terms: “You can stop playing a double game, Lucas Hernández.” She also added, looking at the alleged rival: “I’ll give it to you, Cristina Buccino.”

38-year-old Buccino is known beyond her native Italy for her date with Cristiano Ronaldo around seven years ago when he was still lacing his boots for Real Madrid. Now the model has apparently caught the next footballer. However, this one is actually still taken. At least supposedly.

All photos that she and Hernández showed together have long been deleted from Amelia Lorente’s Instagram account. There are many indications that the relationship, which was considered difficult anyway, has ended and the marriage has failed.

FC Bayern: Hernández has probably moved

As “Bild” further reports, the FC Bayern defender is said to have moved out of the shared villa in Grünwald some time ago and looked for a new apartment.

Hernández has two children with Amelie Lorente, a four-year-old son and a ten-month-old daughter. “Don’t forget that you have two children that you don’t come to visit,” Amelie Lorente is said to have written on Instagram, according to the tabloid.

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