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Bayern legend fiercely criticizes Nagelsmann


So far, the change of coach at Bayern has not paid off. Since Thomas Tuchel took over the job from Julian Nagelsmann, two out of three title chances have been wasted, so the mood at the record champions is currently bad. The former Munich Markus Babbel still believes that the club’s personnel measure was correct.

FC Bayern were eliminated from the Champions League after a 1-1 draw in the second leg of the quarter-finals against Manchester City. The mortgage was too big after the 0:3 bankruptcy in the first comparison.

Unsurprisingly, the mood on Säbener Straße is now at its lowest point. Critics claim the club bosses’ decision to furlough Julian Nagelsmann backfired.

Ex-professional Markus Babbel sees it differently. “I don’t think anyone at Bayern thinks about Nagelsmann anymore. It’s about the future with Thomas Tuchel now,” the 50-year-old said in an interview with “ran”.

Babbel criticizes Nagelsmann’s ski trip

Babbel is still bothered by the fact that Nagelsmann took a short vacation with his girlfriend shortly before his release.

“So if my coach has nothing better in mind than going skiing after a 2-1 defeat, then I have a hard time with that too,” explained the former international: “That alone is a reason for me to release him . You just don’t do that.”

The fired trainer had shown no “sensitivity” to the situation. “I’m already wondering where Nagelsmann’s priorities lie: in the fun area or in serious work,” says Babbel.

FC Bayern: Nagelsmann “didn’t want to learn anything”

In order to survive at top clubs in the future, Nagelsmann must “leave out the childish” and “take a serious approach”, Babbel demanded: “He has to know that he is not the star at a big club.”

So far, this has been the case for every club. “Unfortunately, he couldn’t hold back at Bayern and didn’t want to learn any more at all. So it wasn’t a surprise for me that at some point it rattled – and the ripcord was pulled,” Babbel summed up.

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