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Bayer pledges to help tackle global water crisis with new water strategy


Leverkusen, March 21, 2023– Bayer is releasing its brand-new water technique at the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York. The business is making water an important part of its organization choices, financial investments and choice of providers. Bayer’s water technique shows its position as an essential gamer in the fields of health and farming and intends to have an effect that surpasses the business’s own organization. “The world is dealing with an extreme water crisis impacting communities, food security and human health,” discusses Bayer CEO Werner Baumann. “As a leader in health and nutrition we have an intrinsic inspiration to attend to the water crisis and make an important contribution. With our international footprint and strong provider engagements, Bayer will develop worth and motivate sector-wide action. Our aspiration is to play a leading function in promoting business water stewardship and rallying other organizations to act to secure the world’s water resources.” Bayer’s dedications exceed the business’s own operations and are showing its aspiration to create effect. The activities will include the whole worth chain, from Bayer’s own operations to the farmers Bayer serves. Crucial element of the water method are: Resilient farming: On average, 70% of worldwide freshwater withdrawals remain in farming. Bayer dedicates to driving favorable modification in water efficiency in water limited local cropping systems, beginning with rice, which is accountable for as much as 43% of the world’s watering water withdrawals. The business is devoted to enhancing water usage per kg of crop by 25% by 2030, by changing rice-cropping systems for smallholder clients in the appropriate areas where Bayer runs. In addition, Bayer’s existing dedication of decreasing the ecological effect of its crop security portfolio by 30% by 2030 likewise adds to water quality.Business and financial investment: Bayer is establishing a principle to incorporate water quality and amount into service choices and procedures that will be presented from 2024 onwards. The business will establish a method to position a worth on water and integrate it into financial investment procedures. Currently in 2021, water and wastewater matters represented approx. 10% of Bayer’s overall CapEx jobs. Providers and growers: Bayer assesses the sustainability efficiency of all essential providers and of picked high-sustainability-risk providers utilizing a sustainability threat category that consists of water. As a crucial advance, Bayer has actually introduced its brand-new Supplier Code of Conduct, with devoted products to resolve water and wastewater. At the very same time the business will continue to drive enhancements in water-use performance with growers throughout seed production.Sites and centers: Bayer is devoted to offering safe drinking water, sanitation and health (WASH) to all staff members at its websites. Bayer will even more broaden its engagement to chosen neighborhoods where Bayer runs. Bayer continues to decrease emissions at its websites worldwide, consisting of emissions into wastewater. Beyond that, Bayer has actually developed really rigorous voluntary discharge limitations for active components into wastewater at all websites where they are produced. Bayer will build on the currently existing water management systems to enhance using water at appropriate websites in water-scarce locations and extend them to websites that are anticipated to be in water-scarce areas by 2030. Bayer will set context pertinent water targets for our own operations by 2025 that are to be accomplished by 2030. Ambassador and collaborations: Addressing the water crisis will need broad-based, joint action from a myriad of stakeholders. Bayer is well linked in the water area by means of its participation worldwide Meteorological Organization for Water and Climate Leaders, its active involvement in the Water Resilience Coalition and likewise its collaboration with activist Mina Guli along with the International Drought Resilience Alliance (IDRA), an effort introduced throughout COP27 at the UNCCD Ministerial Meeting. Bayer will utilize these strong collaborations to put together and link the best leaders and guarantee suitable economic sector engagement in the approaching water dispute.”Until now, the subject of water has actually been neglected in the environment argument in spite of the numerous interlinkages, however with the UN 2023 Water Conference it is acquiring momentum. There are brand-new chances to take the best sustainable actions, and we need to take these chances now. This is why we make water an important part of our company and financial investment choices throughout the whole worth chain. With these choices, we will add to environment strength and to more sustainable water use,” states Cristina Alonso Alija, Head of Sustainability, Safety, Health & Environment, and accountable for the water technique at Bayer. About Bayer is an international business with core proficiencies in the life science fields of healthcare and nutrition. Its services and products are created to assist individuals and the world grow by supporting efforts to master the significant difficulties provided by a growing and aging worldwide population. Bayer is devoted to driving sustainable advancement and creating a favorable effect with its services. At the exact same time, the Group intends to increase its making power and produce worth through development and development. The Bayer brand name represents trust, dependability and quality throughout the world. In financial 2022, the Group utilized around 101,000 individuals and had sales of 50.7 billion euros. R&D expenditures prior to unique products totaled up to 6.2 billion euros. To find out more, go to www.bayer.com. Follow us on twitter.com/bayer Forward-Looking Statements This release might include positive declarations based upon existing presumptions and projections made by Bayer management. Different recognized and unidentified dangers, unpredictabilities and other aspects might cause product distinctions in between the real future outcomes, monetary scenario, advancement or efficiency of the business and the price quotes provided here. These aspects consist of those gone over in Bayer’s public reports which are offered on the Bayer site at www.bayer.com. The business presumes no liability whatsoever to upgrade these positive declarations or to adhere them to future occasions or advancements.

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