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Bath asks Exeter Chiefs rugby fans NOT to wear ‘disrespectful’ Native American style headdresses

Hosts Bath ask Exeter Chiefs rugby fans NOT to wear ‘disrespectful’ Native American style headdresses during tonight’s game – with the visitors planning to ditch their logo as part of a re-branding

Bath has asked Exeter fans not to wear Native American-style headgear during Friday night’s derby game as the Chiefs revise their branding.

Sportsmail has seen correspondence sent by Bath to Exeter supporters requesting not to bring ‘Native American cultural symbols’ to The Rec before the game, after their own fans requested it.

While it’s not an outright ban, Bath has made their stance clear, saying fans wearing headgear are “disrespectful.”

Bath is the second club to make this requirement for Chiefs fans, who have not been encouraged to wear Native American clothing by Exeter after Wasps publicly announced them for their branding earlier in the season.

It comes as Exeter is preparing to ditch their logo, after consultations with their membership this week who were ‘overwhelmingly’ in favor of a re-branding.

Chiefs fans traveling to the game received an official email from Bath, seen by Sportsmail, stating: “We were asked this week by our supporters to wear cultural symbols such as Native American headdresses and the imitation of Native American chants.” at our matches.

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“To get this assessment right, we will be talking to our supporters in the coming weeks to work together and learn how to address this issue.

“What we do understand is that headgear is sacred symbols within Native American culture. The headdress worn by most immigrants is an imitation of the headdress worn by many Plains nations.

‘Within their culture, headgear cannot be worn or worn by just anyone. They represent achievements and awards earned in a specific way and are highly limited as to who receives such status.

Therefore, people who are able to wear these symbols respectfully are limited to natives who have earned a headdress from a nation of the plains, or people who have been allowed to wear one.

1637931789 677 Bath asks Exeter Chiefs rugby fans NOT to wear disrespectful

‘Anything other than this is perceived as disrespectful to the indigenous culture.

“That’s why we ask all supporters not to wear Indian cultural symbols such as headdresses on our property this evening.”

As Sportsmail has reported, the Exeter board – led by owner Tony Rowe – has been encouraged to align more with Iron Age leaders and spend time researching the historical significance of the Dumnonii tribe living in Devon. and Cornwall lived.

The board of directors will meet again in December and will conduct further preliminary research before deciding whether it is appropriate to link up with the Dumnonii, or whether their re-branding should lead them in a different direction.



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