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Basics of Blunt Force Trauma -Types and Reasons

Blunt trauma is the type of damage that is caused by blunt substances. It occurs when the body experiences A forceful impact with such surfaces or substances. Cases of blunt trauma do not involve penetration in the injured area. However, the effect and consequential damages resulting from blunt force trauma tend to be severe. It must be diagnosed and consulted with the doctor as soon as possible. Along with that, make sure to seek the guidance of a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer for legal and technical assistance.

Types of Blunt Force Trauma Injury

The trauma resulting from the forceful impact of blunt objects results in the formation of two kinds of injuries: concussion and confusion. Conclusion occurs when the brain is shaking. On the other hand, contusion takes place when the brain is directly injured. In extreme cases, sometimes the side part of the brain and the area opposite of the impacted place get affected as well. In this case, it’s called contrecoup brain injury. When both sides of the brain get damaged, the resulting injury is known as coup contrecoup brain injury.

These injuries take place when the head moves and contacts a stationary object. This happens when people get in contact with the dashboard of their vehicles in the event of car accidents. The resulting injury from such instances leads to damage to the internal part of the brain. They may experience unconsciousness and severe brain trauma as consequential impacts. The normal functioning of the brain is drastically affected by such injuries. Most cases of traumatic brain injuries cannot be reversed, and the victims are forced to live with the conditions throughout their lives.

Reasons For Blunt Force Head Injuries

Blunt force head injuries are commonly observed in TBI cases experienced in motor accidents. A large portion of the population experiences this injury every year and faces the resulting consequences. Car, motorcycle, or sports accidents are among the top causes of blunt-force head trauma. Along with that, slip and fall incidents, boating mishaps, and physical assault are some of the reasons behind such issues.

The danger of experiencing such accidents is heightened when people avoid wearing protective equipment like helmets and seatbelts. These equipment are designed to protect the motor from experiencing the full impact of upcoming force.

If you get injured due to someone else’s carelessness, you can seek monetary compensation by filing a claim. Speak to a lawyer today!