Basic home maintenance equipment and devices

It is quite common for things to deteriorate with time and usage. Especially the item we love and use frequently tends to demand maintenance periodically.  While talking about maintenance, we realize that the availability of correct tools for the job is equally important. 

Everyone plans about their dream house, but some dreams need a lot of investment, it can be physical or financial. After building your desired house, you have to do its lifetime maintenance. For maintaining your home sweet home, you may require specific equipment and devices. When you try tightening the screw with the help of a knife tip, you will realize the significance of maintenance tools.

You can call professionals for the maintenance of your house, but it is time taking and expensive. Whether it is broken furniture or leaking pipes, you need devices to fix it. In this case, you have two options. You can hire a professional like Away Today furniture removal that you know will do the job with ease, saving you the fuss and worries of doing it yourself. Or you can take the time and do it yourself, which might be tiring and possibly dangerous without the proper tools, but it will save you money.

Irrespective of whether you are a homeowner or live in a rented apartment, you should be capable of performing small DIY tasks. You also need the required equipment for carrying out other household tasks. There is a feeling of achievement, received upon efficiently completing even the smallest of home improvement tasks.


Before buying household maintenance tools, first, you should make a checklist about the tasks you need to do. The things at which you need to keep an eye for maintenance includes painting, gutters, pipelines, HVAC systems, steam heat, chimney, and furniture.

You can prepare an annual schedule for maintenance work. Like every year, you can inspect the wall paint and quarterly, the plumbing system. Cleaning is among the most significant and frequent maintenance task in a house. If you do not do it timely, it can cause you discomfort. However, when things are getting out of your control, you can also contact professional help from reliable service providers like rubbish removal Sydney.

If you are motivated to do your house maintenance by yourself, but you don’t know what tools and devices you should have, then this article is for you. Here, you will get to know about the necessary home maintenance equipment and devices to get from the superstore this weekend.




There are two types of hammers, including a claw hammer and a lump hammer. Claw hammer drives a nail in and pulls it out. It acts as a crowbar, taking things into their places. It is a multifunctional house maintenance tool and a basic need for every toolbox. A lump hammer also is known as “builders hammer” because of its heavy head. It is useful in breaking hard objects like bricks or blocks. It drives large nails, chops concrete with the help of a cold chisel, and it has many other applications that require brutal force.

While buying hammers, don’t go for a wooden handle one. Wooden handle hammers may be traditional, and people are using them for ages. For long term investment, you should buy a hammer with a synthetic handle because that wood is found to be easily breakable.




Screwdrivers are available in different sizes and shapes. You can buy the most useful screwdrivers for your home maintenance toolboxes like a flat head screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver. Nowadays, People do not prefer flathead screwdrivers, but still, it is among the essential tools for house maintenance. Flathead screwdrivers can easily dislodge substances stuck in the gaps, and you can also try opening paint tin. A Phillips screwdriver or star pointed screwdriver needs to be present in almost every house maintenance project, including fixing children’s toys furniture, repair building furniture, or opening devices.




No one likes to face troubles while doing household maintenance work. Therefore, everyone should do the measurements twice before cutting or performing any other task like measuring new flooring or cutting a piece of furniture. You can buy a 6-meter long tape for your toolbox. If you desire a handy and easy to carry measuring tape, then you can go for a 3-meter long tape as well.




When you are placing a wall clock, painting, or shelves, a perfectly straight line is imperative. You will not like your expensive things to slight off from the shelf and break into a thousand pieces, that’s why a level is an essential tool for your house maintenance toolbox.




A snip or side cutter helps strip and cut wires plugs, lighting outlets, and socket outlets. The other uses of side cutter include snipping tie wire, and light gauge netted wire or cable wire.


  • SAWS


To work with saws, you will require expertise because, if you don’t use it properly, it can chop your fingers. Saws are useful for cutting wood. It is helpful for cross-cutting different kinds of timber. You can also cut worksheets with it. They are available in various types and sizes. The major ones include tenon saw and junior hacksaw.

A tenon saw is small in size, consisting of fine teeth for neat cutting while junior hacksaw consists of disposable blades useful for cutting metal, threaded bar, copper pipe, or bolts in small pieces.




Nuts for furniture and machinery are small in size. You need to get a grip on them while losing and tightening them. For this purpose, pliers end up as a great addition to house maintenance toolbox. They help bend metals, they provide leverage for pinching metal clips that holds your washing machine from inside, and they are cutting and stripping metal wires.




There are uncountable uses of a utility knife for home projects. Utility knifes open boxes, cut plastic or sheets, and trims the edges of the carpet. It is a traditional tool, you may not find it fancy or exciting, but the uncountable uses makes it an excellent option for your toolbox.




Screwdrivers require manual efforts; sometimes, they are not useful for doing specific jobs. When you want to drive the screw into hard substances, screwdrivers fail to work, and you will need a power drill. It can efficiently drive-in or remove the screw in the walls. It is is also useful in drilling holes.




Sometimes, you are repairing things in dark areas of your home and face difficulty in finding something. If you desire to rescue yourself from such a situation, then always keep a torch in your toolbox. It provides you an external light source. You can use old flashlights, or you can buy a high powered LED torch that provides sufficient light.




A ladder is essential for every house since, and you may require it for changing light bulbs, getting things from higher cabinets, or trimming the garden hedge.




Who doesn’t want to do a fun activity with family members by engaging in house improvement projects? When we think about changing the look of a house, the first thought we get is a new wall paint color. If you like to change the wall paint color more frequently, than buying some paintbrushes is an excellent thought. You can purchase different sizes of paintbrushes, while most commonly, people buy half an inch, one inch, one and a half-inch, and two-inch brush size.

For painting large walls, you can buy brushes of size five to seven inches. If you desire to save time and energy, then you can also invest in good paint rollers.


While buying these amazing home maintenance equipment and devices, you should first make a specific budget, then search for the best quality tools. When you do your house maintenance on your own, you save a lot of money. However, at the start, you will find these things difficult, but with hard work and always trying, you can work flawlessly in future tasks.