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Barbie movie ’caused worldwide shortage’ of pink paint


Barbie is synonymous with the color pink and director Greta Gerwig didn’t hesitate to use the color in her upcoming movie based on the doll.

The set, which was shot at Warner Bros. studios in Leavesden, Watford, was infused with so much pink that it sparked an international run for the fluorescent hue of Rosco paint.

“The world was out of pink,” said production designer Sarah Greenwood in an interview with Architectural Digest.

The Barbie movie follows Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as they venture beyond the safe confines of Barbieland into the “real world.”

The film’s trailer shows a spring town in the desert with dollhouse-like houses with furniture, closets full of clothes and accessories, and even a slide, all colored pink.

Gerwig told the magazine that the team chose to hand paint the set rather than use CGI to make sure everything was toy-like and “touchable”, and that the pinks used to be “really bright” because they didn’t want to “forget why I loved Barbie. when I was a little girl”.

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