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Barack Obama’s Melbourne Speech: Security Guard Clashes With ‘Cooks’


An armed security guard uttered his words to a group of alleged “chefs” protesting outside an event where Barack Obama was speaking.

The “cooks” – dubbed “cooks” – who are supposed to spend their time making conspiracy theories – were filming staff working at the event as they arrived at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena on Wednesday night.

In a video of the clash, protesters told security officers that they were “independent media” broadcasting “all over the world immediately”.

One demanded to know who the security guard was and why he had the audacity to question their existence—before telling them, “Negative, dude—that’s where we draw the line.”

Armed with his words, a security guard (pictured) attacked a group of “chefs” protesting outside an event where Barack Obama is speaking.

“I don’t give you the right to film that,” a fellow security guard told the protesters off camera.

“How about all the cameras everywhere else that film 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” was the response.

When the security officer asked why they were there, one said “we went down to have a look,” and another said they were “reporting.”

“Do you have documents to show this?” Asked.

“Oh no, excuse me, we don’t need documents,” said a woman, waving her hand dismissively.

The man replied: No, you do, because I ask you what you do and you tell me that you do the reporting.

He may have crossed the line that the protesters did not seem to intend to cause any trouble.

However, he made his responsibility clear, saying “I actually take care of the security here.”

The protesters (pictured) told the security officers that they

The protesters (pictured) told the security officers that they were “independent media” broadcasting “all over the world, right away.”

A second security guard descended on the protesters, this time accompanied by six Melbourne Police officers (pictured)

A second security guard descended on the protesters, this time accompanied by six Melbourne Police officers (pictured)

The protesters asked if they were considered a threat.

You’re not a threat yet, but I need to be sure of what you’re doing here. May I ask what you are doing here?

One of them replied that they were there to shoot the movie “The President of America”.

A demonstrator told the man: You approached us. I have already approached these ladies and wanted to check again…”

The security officer interrupted him to say “You are incredibly angry at registering the employees there who didn’t give consent for their registration either”.

They disagreed with his assessment of the situation, and he seemed to be losing patience with them.

– No, passive mate. When you get down to score…a staff that doesn’t want to be scored, that’s when we draw the line.

One of the protesters said that they were on “public” property and could therefore film whatever they wanted.

‘Don’t excuse me. The place is on private property…so you’re signing the staff onto private property.

Later, a second security guard descended on the protesters, this time accompanied by six Melbourne Police officers.

The armed officers gave him an air of authority and immediacy that the senior security officer did not have.

You film me. We just came over for a little chat.

We respect your right to protest, but you are on the grounds of Melbourne Olympic Park.

A second security officer (center) said:

“We respect your right to protest, but you are in Melbourne Olympic Park,” said a second security officer (center).

“And in the event of a major event blocking or closing any of our entrances, we will ask you to move to the side of the road.”

The latest drama to come out of Obama’s multi-million dollar speaking tour came when organizers apologized to the Indigenous seniors who were excluded from the Melbourne event.

On Thursday, organizers said they had been working with projection speaker Auntie Joy Murphy and the Wurundjeri community for several weeks leading up to the event.

“Due to security requirements, the organization was unable to accommodate last-minute changes to the agreed ceremony,” the organization said in a statement.

“The College of Employment Growth has apologized to Joey that last night’s ceremony cannot be changed.”

Ms Murphy was initially booked in to provide a welcome in the country for the event, but was told she could not bring a support person with her and that it was ‘very difficult’ before being removed from the proceedings, her representatives said.

Organizers said Ms Murphy had accepted an invitation to perform at a welcome to the country party at a working lunch in Melbourne on Thursday.

commenters under Twitter posts Of the videos, the protesters were not affected.

The security costs of Obama's (pictured) two-day tour of Australia proved controversial

The security costs of Obama’s (pictured) two-day tour of Australia proved controversial

“More ‘people who have done their best in life’ are looking for reasons to blame their situation and point the finger at someone, anyone,” wrote one.

“No live broadcast is complete without a showdown,” said another.

A third commentator wrote: “They are cooks – their job is to protest the silliest possible reasons, what else can be said.”

The security costs of Obama’s $1 million two-day speaking tour proved controversial, with radio host Ray Hadley asking why taxpayers should foot the bill for NSW, Victorian and federal police officers.

Inside Barack Obama’s tour of Australia for paid speeches

Sunday night: Barack and Michelle Obama arrive in Sydney ahead of his speaking tour

Monday: John F. Kennedy’s daughter and US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy received the former US President at the Four Seasons Hotel

Then he met Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at the Kiribelli home

Obama later went for a walk along the slopes in North Head, near Manly – where more than a dozen police cars and a dozen police motorcycles waited on the nearby road.

He then attended a lunch at the Bathers Pavilion in Balmoral with Mrs. Kennedy – an eyewitness says he was dining in a room where the curtains were closed to the outside world.

Mr. and Mrs. Obama were later snapped at the Sydney Opera House on Monday evening

Tuesday: Mr. Obama was seen enjoying afternoon coffee while his wife headed out to Mossman Bay in a yacht, cruising around the harbor for about an hour

He later spoke to a crowd at the Aware Super Theater on Tuesday night for “An Evening with President Obama,” where tickets start at $195.

There, he spoke about tensions with China, Russia, artificial intelligence, and his ideas in Sydney

Wednesday: Mr. Obama and his wife enjoyed walking over the Sydney Harbor Bridge with their entourage. Then they traveled to Melbourne for Obama to give a speech

Before the speech was given, there was an uproar over the exclusion of an Aboriginal elder from the schedule of the event, after she was about to give a welcome to the country speech.

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