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Baldur’s Gate 3 – Devs share most popular, powerful, and unconventional multiclass builds

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In Baldur’s Gate 3, your character’s class can be as unique and customized as your own play style.

Since we first released it in August, players have been delving into the art of multiclassing, creating many versatile, powerful, and sometimes a little strange (but that’s cool) class builds, hybrid characters created by combining two or more classes in the game.

Rogue/Ranger, a class build that combines sneak attacks with high long-range damage, is currently the most popular multiclass combo in the game, closely followed by a Barbarian/Fighter combo.

But with 12 classes and 46 subclasses to choose from, there are many more variations to discover and explore for yourself.

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the most rewarding but less traveled multiclass paths you could take, according to our esteemed designers, to inspire you to find your own ways to express your playstyle in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Paladin/Warlock with Pact of the Sword

Another way to build a warlock is to focus on his Pact of the Sword role to unlock the Paladin’s not-so-hidden potential.

Typically, paladins receive only one bonus attack feature, which is not combined with bonus attack features from other classes. However, warlocks who choose Pact of the Sword eventually also receive the Deepened Pact feature at level 5, which gives them an extra weapon attack per turn that combines with additional attacks.

Altogether, you get a character who can attack as frequently as a Fighter, but whose attacks are the Paladin’s shocking Divine Strikes, which deal additional radiant damage and can occasionally deliver massive critical hits.


If you’re a hands-on problem solver or just don’t like the enemy getting a turn, the Rogue/Monk multiclass is for you.

Monks natively have many smaller attacks each turn, but multiclassing in Thief Rogue allows them to gain an extra action that powers more unarmed attacks.

At the end of the game, you can also put two levels into Fighter for the Action Surge feature, which increases the number of attacks up to 12 per turn. And don’t miss the Tavern Brawler feat for extra damage on any unarmed attack.

Tempest Cleric/Storm Sorcerer

Both subclasses specialize in stacking lightning damage on top of lightning damage and putting it in a bottle, making the display look like a metal album cover.

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Tempest Cleric’s Destructive Rage feature allows you to deal the maximum amount of damage instead of an amount based on the random dice roll.

Add to that the Storm Sorcerer’s Heart of the Storm: Lightning feature for a power multiplier, allowing you to deal a certain amount of lightning damage to all enemies around you every time you cast a spell that deals lightning damage. .

Multiclassing in Cleric also ensures that you won’t skimp on defense if things go wrong – Cleric provides proficiency with all armor types.

Look for equipment that grants stacking charges and additional lightning damage, such as the Spellsparkler staff. Higher level spells, such as Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning, can hit multiple enemies at once, multiplying all bonuses and triggers.


The Druid’s signature Wild Form allows him to turn into a beast, and the Barbarian’s Wrath complements this perfectly.

Rage makes the beast more resilient with damage resistance and advantages on saving throws, allowing the Druid to remain in Wild Form longer.

The downside to Rage is that you can’t cast spells while enraged, something wildform druids can no longer do and so don’t care about.

To get even more bears on the field, consider becoming a multiclass Ranger and summoning your Bear Ranger companion.

Sorlock: a multiclass sorcerer and warlock

The basic idea behind combining these two classes is to take a warlock’s powerful damaging spells and cast them twice with the warlock’s Accelerated Spell feature.

Some additional synergy comes from the Sorcerer being able to convert his Spell Points into more Spell Slots when you run out of energy, or alternatively convert his Spell Slots into Spell Points for more double casting.

To make this build even more powerful in the late game, you’ll need some additional rare magic items, as well as an additional multiclass in the Fighter class to receive their Action Surge, a feature that allows them to act twice per turn. –and in Thief Rogue to receive the Fast Hands feature and gain an additional bonus action.

As for gear, look for the Powerful Robe that adds a Charisma modifier to the damage of your tricks, the Quick Spell Gloves that allow you to cast Eldritch Blast as a bonus action, and the legendary Markohenshkir Staff that further empowers your spells and allows you to cast a spell. free without spending a spell slot once per rest.

At higher levels, Eldritch Blast creates multiple damaging bolts, turning your character into what can best be described as a walking Gatling gun.

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