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Bad PC conversions: Are we still second-rate players? – WhatsNew2Day


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Bad PC conversions: Are we still second-rate players?

Recent PC releases of notable games like Call of Duty, Hogwarts Legacy, The Last of Us, The Callisto Protocol – the list could go on – have not covered themselves in glory with the PC community.

In the talk, Micha, Peter and Patrick talk about their frustration and worries and let their thoughts wander into the past and future. Was everything better in the past? Not always! Will everything get better in the future? We don’t give up hope.

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Bugs, annoying stutters, problematic controls and high CPU loads due to lengthy shader compilations are just a few of the many problems. How have these crept into the many blockbusters and why are PS5 and Xbox Series X spared?

Among all the black sheep, however, there are also role models who have excelled in the recent past with exemplary PC implementations. So there they are, the good PC releases.

Should we be prepared for more bad PC conversions in 2023? What do we expect from upcoming heavyweights like Starfield and what are midgets doing in this talk? We get to the bottom of the questions.

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