Backstreet Boys holiday special is AXED following Nick Carter rape allegations and lawsuit

The Backstreet Boys Christmas special that was filmed this month in Los Angeles has been cancelled, following rape allegations against Nick Carter.

The special will air on ABC on Dec 14th and will feature Carter, AJ McLean and Kevin Richardson. It will also feature Howie Dorough and Brian Littrell. Variety It has been confirmed that it has been canceled.

It comes after Carter (42), was accused of raping 17-year-old girl on the band’s 2001 tour.

Cancelled: The Backstreet Boys Christmas special that was filmed this month in Los Angeles has been cancelled, following rape allegations against Nick Carter; Pictured 2022

During Thursday’s press conference to announce her lawsuit against Carter, the disabled woman who claimed Carter raped the her on a bus tour bus sobbed. Carter has since denied these allegations.

Shannon ‘Shay’ Ruth, now 39 and with autism and cerebral paralysis, claims that Backstreet Boys singer invited her to board his tour bus at the age of 17 after she spotted her waiting in line for autographs.

Ruth claims that the star pulled his pants down and exposed himself to Ruth in a bathroom before forcing Ruth to have oral sex with him and then raping him.

Axed: The special was set to air on ABC on December 14, and feature Carter, AJ McLean, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell and Howie Dorough, but Variety confirmed that it’s been axed; The group pictured in 2001

Claim: This is after Carter, 42 years old, was accused of raping 17-year-old girl on the band’s 2001 tour. (Carter pictured 2019, 2019)

Ruth described the ‘pain and confusion, frustrations, shame, and self-harm’ that resulted from the alleged incident. Carter claimed that he ‘threatened to silence her’ in the immediate aftermath.

Mark J. Boskovich, Ruth’s attorney, stated that three other women, only Jane Doe, were named in a joint suit alongside Ruth.

According to court documents obtained from TMZ, Ruth claims that Carter invited her onto the tour bus and asked if she wanted a drink. She requested apple juice but Carter suggested she try cranberry juice. He then gave Ruth a’red colored’ drink which he called ‘VIP’ juice.

Lawsuit: Shannon Ruth (pictured centre) – who alleges Carter raped her on a tour bus in 2001 when she was a minor aged 17 – sobbed during a press conference on Thursday announcing her lawsuit against the star

Ruth claims that the drink tasted strange as she drank it. She believes it was a mixture of alcohol and cranberry juice.

Ruth claimed that Carter took Ruth to a bus’s toilet and ordered her to have oral sex. Ruth claims that she was crying and Carter kept her in line.

Ruth claims that Carter then took Ruth to a bus bed and continued his alleged assault on her.

She claims afterwards that she told Carter she would tell people about the alleged assault – but that he reportedly threatened to turn people against her, allegedly calling her a “r******* little b***h that no one would believe.’

Carter is seen in September 2001 – seven years after the alleged rape 

She He said, “The last 21 years have been filled by pain, confusion and frustration, shame, self-harm, and frustration that are directly a result of Nick Carter’s rape on me.”

‘Even though I’m autistic and live with cerebral palsy, I believe that nothing has affected me more or had a more lasting impact on my life than what Nick Carter did and said to me.

She alleged: ‘After he raped me, I remember him calling me a r******* little b***h and grabbing me and leaving bruises on my arm.

She added: ‘Carter tried to scare me into silence … he was nasty and threatening.’

‘He People told him he would turn against me, and because he was Nick Carter he had the power over my life.

She said she was motivated to speak out to ‘stop’ Carter from “assaulting more teens and women.’

Alleged: A sobbing Ruth detailed her ‘pain, confusion, frustration, shame and self-harm’ brought on by the alleged rape and claimed Carter ‘threatened and tried to silence her’ in the immediate aftermath (the singer is pictured in 2001)

Ruth claims that she contracted sexual transmitted disease, Human papillomavirus (HPV), from the alleged assault. Ruth was a virgin before the incident.

She The plaintiff is now seeking damages.

She “Just because Nick Carter is a celebrity doesn’t mean that he can be excused for his crimes. I am a survivor, and will always be.

He “Nick Carter has a history of abusing women,” he said, adding that the music business has allegedly “looked away” in the past.

Alleged victim: A sobbing Ruth (pictured centre) claims the star forced her to perform oral sex on him before allegedly raping her

He Hay said that she was determined to bring Carter to justice. She believes it’s worth it to protect other women.’

Nick’s source has denied the allegations and said TMZ: ‘This accusation of being false is categorically false. Nick is focusing his attention on his family and grieving the loss of his brother.

Carter’s younger brother Aaron Carter, 34, was found dead in his Lancaster, California bathtub on November 5. While no official cause of death has been established, it was known that Carter had struggled with addictions and mental health problems.

Michael Holtz, Carter’s lawyer, said Thursday that the allegations were ‘entirely untrue.’

Denied: A source close to Nick has denied the allegations and told the publication: ‘This accusation is categorically false, Nick is focusing on his family and mourning the death of his brother (pictured 2001)

He said that the claim regarding an incident that occurred over 20 years ago is not only legal meritless, but also completely untrue.

Holtz stated that Ms. Ruth had been manipulated into making false accusations about Nick for many years. These allegations have changed over time and repeatedly.

He “No one should be fooled” by a press stunt orchestrated and executed by an opportunistic attorney – there is nothing at all to this claim, which the courts will no doubt quickly realize.

Carter, however, has not spoken out on the allegations. However, he shared a post promoting an Aaron charity concert on Thursday – hours before the claims became public.

Carter has been accused of rape, which he denied. He has never been charged.

Melissa Schuman, a 2017 singer, stated that the boy bander raped him in 2003.

2018: The LA County District Attorney’s Office announced that Carter would not be charged due to the statute-of-limits, which expired in 2013.

Melissa, who is a member the 90s girl-group Dream, had filed a police report in February of that year.

 RIP: Nick’s brother Aaron Carter was found dead aged 34 in his bathtub in Lancaster, California on November 5  (pictured in his final interview)

Post: Nick Carter, who has so far not spoken out on the allegations, shared a post about a charity concert for Aaron that was posted hours before the claims were made.

She According to her, Nick had forced her into a bathroom in 2003 for forced oral sex and then she claimed she was raped by Nick in the bedroom.

Nick denies rape allegations.

Later, the Backstreet Boys singer stated that he was shocked and saddened by the allegations.

He He said, “Melissa has never spoken to me during our time together or at any point since that any action we took was not consensual.”

Nick said that he was always respectful of Melissa’s needs, both personally and professionally.

He In the statement, he stated that this was the first time he had heard about the accusations nearly twenty years later. It is against my nature and all that I cherish to cause harm or discomfort to another person.

He Continued, noting that they went on to record another song and perform together.

Melissa first made the claims in a November blog posting.

She She claimed she was ‘forced into an act against her will’ by Nick, who allegedly took away her virginity at 18 and he was 22.

Past claim: In 2017, Melissa Schuman accused Nick, a singer, of raping her 2003. He denied the allegations and has never been charged (pictured 2018,).

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