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Backlash erupts over Anthony Albanese’s answer to ‘what is a woman question’


Reaction erupts over Anthony Albanese’s answer to one of the ‘most controversial questions of modern times’

  • Anthony Albanese was interviewed by Piers Morgan
  • The Prime Minister was asked to define what a woman is
  • His response has been evoked by trans groups

Transgender activists have berated Anthony Albanese for answering the question, “What is a woman?”

British broadcaster Piers Morgan posed the question to the Prime Minister on his new show ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ on Sky News in early May.

Mr. Albanese gave a very simple answer to the question, defining a woman as ‘an adult woman’.

“How hard was that to answer?” Morgan then asked.

‘Not too hard. I was actually asked during the campaign, but I think we should respect people for whoever they are,” Albanese said.

The ‘what is a woman’ question has become controversial in recent months, among many politicians struggling to answer for fear of upsetting critics or supporters of trans rights.

Anthony Albanese (pictured) has been berated by transgender activists and LGBTIQ groups for answering Piers Morgan’s question about defining a woman earlier this month

However, Mr Albanese’s response continues to anger many in the transgender community, with some calling him a ‘transphobe’ and claiming that he talking points echoed by TERF (Trans-exclusive radical feminist).

Equality Australia CEO Anna Brown suggested that the Prime Minister not answer a question designed to ‘attack’ transgender people.

“But if a leader is asked a question that is intended to attack trans women, they must first say it for what it is,” she told the media.

“They can talk to trans people in Australia instead and let them know directly that they will not be taking part in the beatings.”

Greens MP Stephen Bates said the prime minister should “get a backbone and stop muttering platitudes in an attempt to placate the transphobes.”

“You shouldn’t march with us on Mardi Gras and then ignore us when things get tough for you,” he wrote.

Transgender Victoria co-founder and Just.Equal Australia spokesperson Sally Goldner denounced Mr Albanese’s ‘failure to defend trans women’.

“Trans and gender diverse Australians need a prime minister who defends them, not someone who sucks at right-wing provocateurs,” she said.

Transgender activist and blogger Eleanor Evans also called out the Prime Minister.

“Great, so Albo did an interview with right-wing shock jock Piers Morgan — bad enough,” she wrote.

But then he used it as an opportunity to drop anti-trans dog whistles while muttering about “respect.”

During the interview, Albanese was also questioned by Morgan about the issue of transgender athletes in women’s sports.

“That’s an example because the sports organizations are dealing with that issue,” Mr Albanese said.

“My opinion is that the sports organizations should tackle that problem.”

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