Baby will sleep well with the SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet – available now at 40% off

Attention, parents: You need a SNOO Crib, the doctor-developed sleeper that soothes your baby to sleep so you can rest – and now you can buy it for an all-time low price of 40% off!

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Sleep deprivation is very much a thing, but it’s primarily a parent thing. And if you have a baby, chances are you’re familiar with the SNOO Smart Sleeper cradlethe beloved but very precious crib designed to mimic the movements and sounds babies experience in the womb.

The cradle, developed by Dr. Harvey Karp, gently lulls baby to dreamland by rocking and playing white noise. The theory is that by duplicating what happens in the womb, the baby will relax and fall asleep – and more importantly, stay asleep.

Such wizardry normally comes at a hefty price tag, but SNOO is offering an incredible 40% off its Smart Sleeper for Black Friday. That brings the price to $1017, for fantastic savings on a product that will not only help baby sleep, but also help you rest better.

Parents confirm that the Smart Sleeper is the breakthrough product they didn’t know they needed. The bassinet does all the heavy lifting for you by soothing, swaddling and comforting baby with womb-like sounds and movements to lull him to sleep – and help him stay asleep longer. That’s just as good for parents, who can catch up on some ZZZs themselves and rest easy knowing their little one is safe and well rested.


As anyone with a child knows, that is priceless. A good night’s sleep can make all the difference, and this bassinet is specially designed to nourish, soothe and calm your little one. The main goals are to improve sleep, reduce crying and help the baby stay safely on his back for the first six months.

The ‘smart’ feature is really what sets it apart, allowing the crib to rock baby and play even more soothing white noise if they’re fussy or wake up crying. It’s so effective that SNOO claims their crib can stop those tears in less than a minute!

The Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet Wraps Baby Tightly And Prevents It From Rolling Into An Unsafe Position While Sleeping.

The SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet wraps baby tightly and prevents it from rolling into an unsafe position while sleeping.

Safety is of course more important than anything, that’s why the Smart Sleeper crib swaddles baby tightly to prevent it from rolling into potentially harmful positions while sleeping. This also provides extra peace of mind.

Use the accompanying mobile app to fully control your baby’s crib experience. Choose from five sound and motion levels and track your little one’s sleeping habits and patterns.

It provides extremely useful information, such as how long your baby sleeps each day and night, so you can monitor their progress and watch for specific patterns that may develop. You can also benefit from helpful guidance and tips from Dr. Karp.

There’s a lot involved Smart sleeper – and it turns out it’s worth all the attention, with thousands of customers sharing their success stories and satisfaction with the product.

Use The Accompanying App To Easily Control The Sounds And Movements Of The Crib And Track Your Baby'S Sleeping Habits And Progress.

Use the accompanying app to easily control the sounds and movements of the crib and track your baby’s sleeping habits and progress.

One parent said, “Every newborn sleep class recommends the same technique — swaddling, swinging, making noise, sucking, etc. This combination is useful for putting a newborn to sleep, but it takes a lot of time. The SNOO actually does it for you – going all night to save you time and precious minutes (or hours) of sleep.”

“Game changer,” said another. Our little one went right down and kept sleeping through what would be normal stirring to wake up. We immediately got two hours extra sleep per night. Highly recommended from day one!’

Whether your baby is struggling to sleep well at night or you feel the sleep deprivation is just too much, you owe it to your family to try a solution that actually works.

When Baby Cries Or Fusses, The Bassinet Recognizes The Change In Behavior And Picks Up The Pace Of Its Rocking And Soothing Sounds.

When baby cries or fusses, the bassinet recognizes the change in behavior and picks up the pace of its rocking and soothing sounds.

The SNOO Smart Sleeper cradle brings comfort and peace to the baby – and peace of mind to the parents. Be quick, because the 40% sale price only applies to the Black Friday weekend.

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