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Awkwafina Says She Was Scammed As A Teen Trying To Get A Fake ID: “Really Young And Stupid”


Awkwafina explains how her first attempt at getting a fake ID didn’t go as planned.

The Reinfeld said star on Monday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show that when she was a teenager and lived in Queens, she and her friends would love to take the subway to other parts of New York City, especially Time Square.

On one of her trips, Awkwafina said she was “walking around and there was like, you know, you just hear distant voices in the crowd saying, ‘Tattoos, piercings, fake IDs’. And I turned around and I was like ‘Fake IDs?’”

At the time, the actress said she was “really young and stupid” and decided to follow a man to a Roy Rogers restaurant to make the transaction for the fake ID.

“We went upstairs and he pointed to a table. And he said, ‘See that guy?’” she recalls. “He was wearing a hat with what looked like a raincoat. And he was like, ‘That’s my partner.’”

While nothing seemed suspicious to her at the time, she said the man asked for money to make sure she really is a teenager and “not a CIA agent.”

After giving the stranger the $10 she was carrying, Awkwafina says she waited in the restaurant for 45 minutes for the man to return. Once she realized it didn’t look like that guy was coming back, she got up and “went over to his associate, and I thought, ‘Excuse me sir, your partner…I just want to make sure he’s in and that he has not hit any speed bumps.” It turned out that the “employee” did not know the man or what she was talking about.

After the whole ordeal, Awkwafina said she finally realized, “He just left with $10.”

Kelly Clarkson teased that it was sweet that the actress “believed in people’s well-being” because she wouldn’t have done that as a teenager.

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