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Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora: New leak reveals exciting details about the story and gameplay


The leaks for the Avatar game are piling up. Fans can expect official announcements soon.

New information about Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora has been leaked! yes, again If things continue like this, we’ll soon have a whole game before the next Ubisoft reveal… Because after the first details about the pre-order bonuses and an in-game image leaked out, there is now new and currently unofficial information about the story and gameplay.

Where is the leak coming from? The well-known and established Ubisoft leaker ScriptLeaksR6 wants to get his hands on a lot of product information about Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora and now reveals what the Ubisoft project should offer in terms of play and story. Meanwhile, his tweets are no longer available, sites like insider gaming but they have already picked it up.

Be warned of course: Of course, the following details have not been officially confirmed, even if the information seems very consistent and the source is considered trustworthy. If you prefer to wait for the real unveiling by Ubisoft, be warned of slight spoilers from this point on!

Story: What the Avatar game is supposed to be about

Child of two worlds: According to ScriptLeaksR6, the story will revolve around a Na’vi child who was kidnapped and trained by the RDA. This child was trained by humans to help conquer Pandora.

Don’t we know that from somewhere? The story itself then probably focuses on how the protagonist finds his way back to his people and his homeland and tries to protect the planet from the human invaders. The basic premise is very similar to the plot of both movies.

By the way, you can watch the official trailer for Frontiers of Pandora as follows:

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will premiere at E3

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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will premiere at E3

Gameplay: How Frontiers of Pandora should play

  • Skill Trees and Character Customization: Players should not only be able to customize their character externally, but also be able to customize it using a skill tree. There is also talk of crafting new items and upgrading your own weapon.
  • Choice of Weapons: According to the leak, we have different playstyles available: whether we use traditional Na’vi weapons such as bows and spear throwers or human weapons such as assault rifles and shotguns is apparently up to us.
  • Dogfights: As in the cinema original, we can apparently explore Pandora on the back of a banshee, covering long distances and also fighting.
  • The Open World: There aren’t really many details about the open world. From the leaked information it is only clear that we will explore different regions of a new continent where dangers lurk at every nook and corner.

Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora is supposed to sometime between March 2023 and April 2024 for PC, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S appear. There is currently no real gameplay for the Ubisoft Open World project. You can find out what else we know so far about the avatar game, which is officially part of the canon of cinema films, under the links above.

What do you think of the Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora gameplay leak? What are your hopes and expectations for Ubisoft’s open world game? Let us know in the comments!

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