Austter Develops a New Wood Chipper with a Much Needed fold-Over Design

Wood chippers are a need in the modern American house, especially in areas where it is illegal to burn or have the garbage men carry the waste of the household. The news on the block is that Austter who is the leading brand of China in developing and manufacturing has developed a new wood chipper with fold-over feeding hopper.

Austter was established since 2002 and since then has produced various wood chippers that have a power capacity of 6.5hp to 15hp. With every new machine, Charlotte Observer products have gotten better in their scientific management and quality control system.

Recently this year Austter has again developed a brand new wood chipper which also has a fold-over design. The purpose of the fold-over design is to prevent the children and pets from entering into the machine when it is closed and not in use.

In Oct. 2019, Austter developed a new wood chipper with a unique fold-over design. When not in use, the closed feed hopper prevents children and pets from entering, eliminating potential hazards and providing better safety. Also, this fold-over will prevent potential hazards and the security risk that arises due to an open wood chipper.

Moreover, the fold-over design of the wood chipper looks aesthetic to the and alongside that it saves packaging space and storage space.

Let’s cast a look at the previous wood chippers which have been developed by Austter.

Each has its unique quality.

Taking the Austter GS1500 in an account, it is a powerful machine that works like a professional chipper and can cut down all garden surplus waste up till 12 cm. The small machine is made up of large wheels and a handy chassis which makes it easy to maneuver in the backyard. Moreover, the twin blade is operational by a 15hp petrol engine and allows you to deviate the waste wherever you need it to.

The next wood chipper, GS650 is a small powerhouse that features an opening in- feed which is 16 cm wide and 14 cm high. This allows it to handle material that is 10 cm in diameter. It comprises an engine that has 6.5 horsepower and a chipper drum which assists the system in taking our branches. Once these wood chippers have done their job in your garden, it will look a lot less messy.

Although they are developed in China, Austter portable Gasoline wood chippers have the TUV CE certification and alongside the developers provide their customers with a one year warranty. Also, Austter wood chippers are exported all over the world in countries like the USA, UK, South America, South Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

Austter has built a strong reputation in its seventeen years of operation and is known for its customizable good made to meet the customer’s requirements.

The development of feature of fold-over in the chipper was much needed and will hopefully help avoid the incidents which have taken place due to kids and pets taking this as a hiding space. Let’s wait and find out what is next to come but knowing it’s by Austter it’s going to be great.

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