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Austria.. A bear was killed in a collision with a train


Austrian authorities said Dibba was killed in a collision with a train in the central state of Salzburg. The police did not report any injuries or human damage, but they will dissect the bear’s body to fully confirm the cause of death.

A bear has been killed on a railway line in the Austrian state of Salzburg. State authorities said a train hit the bear near the town of Schwarzach on Tuesday morning.

The authorities reported that a government expert in the field of bears and wolves in Salzburg state came to the scene to take DNA samples from the dead bear, after two train drivers reported to the police the presence of a brown bear corpse on the railway. According to the authorities, the aim behind the DNA test is to determine where the bear came from and if a DNA sample had been taken from it in the past.

According to the initial examination, the bear was seriously injured after colliding with the train, which led to the separation of its left rear paw completely, and the bear was seriously injured in the head and suffered severe bleeding.

The trains of the national railway company ÖBB were not disrupted.

According to the assessment of the state’s bear expert, Hubert Stock, there is no evidence of a cause of death other than a train collision. “In order for us to be able to determine the cause of death beyond any doubt, the bear will be transferred to the Wildlife Research Institute in Vienna and an autopsy will be performed there,” the expert continued.

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