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Australians split up after the van was packed with hundreds of rolls of toilet paper

Australians split after the van driver was caught carrying over 100 toilet rolls

Australians have been left divided on social media after a photo emerged of a van carrying a load of toilet paper.

The photo was shared by 2GB announcer Ray Hadley after a listener saw him heading north on the M1 motorway in Sydney.

Australians were quick to share their outrage and quickly accused the van driver of hoarding supplies.

“I haven’t been able to buy toilet paper since the beginning, I’m pissed,” one listener wrote on Facebook.

“They make a profit by selling it on eBay,” wrote another.

Others, meanwhile, pointed out that it could be a commercial vehicle supplying supplies to those in need.

“I saw on Facebook that Quilton donated to charities. Maybe he picked up things for a good cause. ‘

Others believed that it could be a store owner who picks up supplies to restock the shelves.